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According to different materials, there are a variety of three-dimensional canvas art prints, like the metal print paintings, paper paintings, canvas fabric print paintings, acrylic print paintings. These three dimensional canvas prints appears to have texture, the screen occupy a certain space, is a miniature version of the real items
The streched wall art printings mainly concluding the canvas prints, acrylic prints and metal prints which was different in the materials but all of them were printed from your digital photots , and the photo also could be customized, after we have received your general picture, we used technical processing of a computer and a simple picture will have a "vitality"soon.
The print paintings of canvas, metal and acrylic which was waterproof, oilproof, permanent preservation, and do not fade within hundreds years, the canvas prints product can be widely used in interior decoration, studio, advertising, printing, display panels, art wedding, product packaging and other fields.
The metal or canvas, acrylic prints show a three-dimensional beauty, they a beautiful in colors, wooden framed, full wrapped and we will serve you a museum quality, special discount price and fastest transportation after we get your any type of order.