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canvas prints pricing


 1.If you are having problems attaching/uploading images to your order.you can do something as follow:

You can kindly place your order without any images attached and then email us about your request with order number. If they are very large files just email them over multiple emials or send to support@mycanvasprints.com.au using the dropbox.com or sendspace.com for large file sending service.

2.Am I able to preview my canvas print before ordering/printing?Is it Possible?

Yes, this is certainly possible. Please email your order number to support@mycanvasprints.com.au and your image preview will be created by our professional designers and will send to you within 5minutes. If you have any instructions regarding your images you may place these requirements into the "Note" box at online checkout.

Rectangle Canvas Prints -  Stretched, Mounted and Ready To Hang,Order Here

Size    Retail Price       Our Price 
20x30cm $126.33 $18.95
30x45cm $199.20 $29.88
40x50cm $279.27 $41.89
50x75cm $438.53 $65.78
60x80cm $521.47 $78.22
60x90cm $536.80 $80.52
75x100cm $646.33 $96.95
90x135cm $905.47 $135.82

Square Canvas Prints - Stretched, Mounted and Ready To Hang,Oder Here

Size   Retail Price      Our Price
20x20cm $93.00 $13.95
30x30cm $154.13 $23.12
40x40cm $211.80 $31.77
50x50cm $332.53 $49.88
60x60cm $392.53 $58.88
75x75cm $521.47 $78.22
100x100cm $738.80 $110.82

Split Image Canvas Prints -Stretched, Mounted and Ready To Hang,Order Here

Size Retail Price   Our Price
3x20x30cm $379.00 $56.58
3x30x45cm $597.60 $89.64
3x40x50cm $837.67 $125.65
3x50x75cm $1315.60 $197.34
5x30x80cm $1286.53 $192.98
4x30x30cm $616.53 $92.48
9x25x25cm $1044.40 $156.66
4x100x100cm $2932.60 $439.89