Why the scenery and the photo are so different

Why the scenery and the photo are so different

Why the scenery and the photo are so different?

When we get a picture of is not so good, we tend to think the camera is too bad, so beautiful scenery, cheap canvas prints making like this, is certainly not the camera. When move to a better camera, photo quality finally had the ascension, but often couldn’t shoot the scene the original appearance, photo or ugly. This time is finally realized their photography to get home, go back and catch up with photography knowledge. In fact you see beautiful scenery but couldn’t get through the canvas prints pictures to restore, this don’t blame you, also can’t always to blame the camera. Because what you see is not necessarily an object as it is. And the camera recorded image ability limit, exceeded its capacity are not within the scope of records. So if some scene effect can achieve the result of direct viewing to the naked eye. It is not taken directly, or uses the special accessories and shots, either through the late adjustment.

The human brain super computer made processing for the scene. Camera is less than the naked eye can see reason is also very good explanation, the brain has a lot to do with people. The landscape of the human eye to see is having just give you perceive after brain processes. Person’s eye is the organ that receives the light, but the real converts light visual imaging process was conducted in the brain. Also because the brain has a faster processing speed and huge amounts of stored data space, so we finally see the brain processing is synthesized.

Taking photos with the naked eye, watching the greatest difference is the high contrast scene such as we stood in one place backlighting watching a person, the human eye can see this person’s appearance; also can see the background behind the content. But when we take photos with a camera, often canvas prints background picture is normal exposure time have all black, or the normal exposure, but the vast expanse of whiteness background has no details. Believe that many friends are stuck in this situation, and naked eye effect is better than simply didn’t save! And appear the mysteries of this difference is that the human brain is too strong, so watch the shadow and highlight areas of the region’s normal exposure images are recorded in the brain, the synthesis of height to width between the two Should the picture back to consciousness. Formed to the naked eye can see the clear and dark at the same time.

Eyes served for the function of the lens. So the people often say that the human eye tolerance is higher than the camera is not quite correct. Because ultimately affect what we see is the brain, and eyes itself is only served for the roles of the lens, by controlling the pupil size to control into the light. Can see such a high tolerance of sights, the most important step is to collect images of different exposure of the human brain, and call in time, that we should think the scene is so high tolerance. The firm through the eyes to see the actual picture than highlights how much better than the photo shoot.

The actual optical performance of the eye is even less than a number of high-end lenses. For this, we get a conclusion, it is as good as you did not see the photos, is normal, if you want to see the contents of the reduction, it must be through some means to simulate the brain work. So we have the HDR shots, can through such attachments to improve large gradient mirror light than the scene, also can adjust to solve the problem through post images. Use surrounded by exposure to take pictures of more photos with different exposure value. HDR shots were taken for more pictures of different exposure, and then select each photo by post-processing different brightness parts exposure in the right part to carry on the synthesis, the synthesis of this way of shooting is to simulate the human brain.

The gradient lens can reduce glare. Using the gradient lens can improve some landscape photos, can let the exposure difference between the ground and the sky is reduced, but the limitations of using the gradient lens is bigger, can only be used for the location of the brightness difference obvious areas suitable for use. While high contrast image, use flash light to fill light to reduce exposure difference characters.

Taken an photo keep light owe exposure, the late processing into high tolerance photos easily. Now the simplest method is late adjustment to improve image contrast, but higher requirements on the quality of the glass. When shooting, as much as possible to reduce the exposure value to shoot.And to the post-processing ability has certain requirements. Quite a number of glass parties is rejected, so also is only a small group of patents.

In addition to the high contrast, there are a lot of things will appear photographing result with the naked eye looked different, such as all sorts of color of light environment, the camera can’t identify the correct color, and so on. These are also has a strong human brain at work, and the camera just see things honestly record it, although the camera also has a low, but the record principle and the same. So cruel conclusion is taken your canvas prints pictures don’t feel good, most of the time because you see so well. If you don’t want to spend big effort to correct the camera records, or accepted the fact of life.

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