What skills are needed to take a good photo

What skills are needed to take a good photo

What skills are needed to take a good photo

Compared with other types of artists, canvas prints photographers seem to be very easy to work with. Don’t need to spend a few hours painting, don’t need a stroke a few months a few years study, anytime and gently press the shutter. However, we know to press the shutter is not always can take a good photo, because we didn’t put the most important idea in the photos. A good photograph will have a lasting visual appeal, and may also contain a good composition to express the author views. What skills are needed for a good photo? Let us see it together.

Brilliant light

Light is the most important part in photography, custom drink coasters whether pictures are good or bad, the light factors account for the vast majority of. Whatever subject you are shooting, with good light works can raise a level. In terms of sunlight, good light generally in the sunrise and sunset, during this time, the light quality is questioned. If you do not shoot pictures in the sunrise and sunset, you may need help from the other light source to get high quality light. Fog effect, the window light, or use DF800 flash lighting can make the light effect is better. Master lighting techniques can help you make up for the lack of natural light, let you can take good photos in any conditions.

Raise the identification of subject

First of all, we need to dig in the photo is the most important subject, generally speaking is the most important reason for photographers to press the shutter. Some photos may have more than one subject or the body, but I believe that a good photo is conducted around a key expression, because such pictures are often more expressive, also easy to express the photographer’s personal opinion. If you don’t know what I want to express, I believe the same to your audience will not understand.

Use opportunely color contrast

Raise the subject identification, there are many ways of common use others, color contrast, contrast, line guide, etc.

With the relationship between things to tell the story of the picture

Pictures tell the story can have deeper communication with the audience. Photographers can use stories to convey a specific message to the audience and mood. One of the most common method is to highlight the relationship between the main body and the surrounding picture elements. The relationship is really a story. The secondary element of image is used as service  for the main body, outstanding theme. Good secondary elements can create atmosphere for the whole scene like blurry background, and can also contact the contrast the subject or highlight the main body features, and can also be generated from the interactive story. Appropriate secondary element in the rich picture can bring the audience some thinking, these thought could trigger their creativity. This is the way to make picture content richer.

Using composition to make screen tension

Change the position of subject in the picture form a different composition, we can change the audience view of work. This is the experience of every photographer. The human eye and brain link, so we can use visual recognition of different things, receive visual information to us. Change the composition of a picture is the same way. What kind of picture has tension? May be in the heart of every photographer the method is different. Such as through the use of the warm colors, causing the audience’s attention, clever use of the screen special lines and color blocks. There is no way is the most perfect, but it is full of personality. Too perfect nondogmatic composition is actually no surprises, if feel beyond the basic learning stage, why don’t you try to break the old composition practices?

Carefully selected content

The early introduction of photographers will often make a mistake: they want to take everything into the lens. This will result in the image is very messy, the audience will only see the irrelevant meaningless stuff. If the content and too much on the image, it is easy to cover the subject. Reduce the mixed and disorderly element images, compact composition can improve the expressive force of photos, this is also the advantage of the open composition. Photography is a bridge between the author and audience, the imagination is the most important factor in communication power. Remember that photography is not only to show the details of the subject, but more visual emotional communication.

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