street photography camera film

Ten proposals for street photography camera film

Ten proposals for street photography camera film

This is an American street photographer Eric Kim from the blog article. Create Rectangle Canvas is content to share tips and advice with a film of street photography. In addition to monitor the original translation in each section later I also added some of my experiences with the film shoot.

1. Film shoots rather overexposed nor underexposed. Because the film is easier to show some of the details in sunny places (but in the dark details are more difficult to repair). Eric said a little overexposed in color film also easier strengthens contrasting color.

My experience: Prior to use digital photography very precise metering almost, photos on canvas usually prefer to photograph shade darker when it is made in a digital camera will be deliberately reduced exposure shooting. Nonetheless, with the film machine through the viewfinder left only with the right arrow to tell me the exposure is correct. Before the film is not really understanding and therefore will be like shooting with a digital camera as a slightly lower exposure, but the photos are often out color contrast little or unsaturated.

2. If you want to shoot sensitized. round coaster Remember to mark the film housing. Eric said he was usually in front of the film into the camera. Marked avoid forgetting.

My experience: must, must, must be marked, and must be accompanied by the laundry when the studio said. I had a roll of sensitized black and white film, but I have been working with the studio said the film did not indicate the shell. They may have forgotten. Results wash out almost an entire Volumes 30 and a few black…

3. If you have not filed for the last film, or just curious about the film shoot, do not rush to buy the high price relative to the kind of Leica film camera. Cheapest buy a film camera to experience. If you took, a few months really like. Time and then consider investing in a machine like the film too late.

My experience: buy a cheap film camera, or borrowed is required. Initial test shots for a while. I wanted to shoot the film has been quite a while, the Internet research for a long time, seen a lot of articles, both positive and negative reference evaluation before deciding to start shooting the film, bought a used Leica M6, a bunch of film, with a film scanner device. Sign film has been mixed. Shooting experience for me to say, which is a very enjoyable part is not worrying about the battery is fully charged, the card did not know up, picked up the camera picking up a few rolls of film you can go out. But a lot of trouble to shoot the film. 30 necessary to stop every few change film, especially after taking the trouble to send cash, scanning (sweep myself, because you want the colors have complete control), before and after the process may take two weeks to see the photos. Nevertheless, the experience of shooting the film with the feel really is not a digital camera can be replaced.
4. 400 photographic film shoots some good settings: in a very good light weather set F8, 1/1000. You can also set light weather F8. 1/500. In prime time of day (in the summer about two in the afternoon to five points by the slightest ray of sunshine) set F8, 1/250. Set some shadows of F8, 1/125. More shadow set F8, 1/60.

My experience: I think this set with a digital camera is not Mom. Although street photography suggestion is to try to keep a fixed aperture shutter setting, because this is no time to do it when you see the picture adjustment. Usually my favorite set shutters 1/250, but the situation will look aperture adjustment. Aperture adjustments fact often does, take a long time to practice and experience to judge.

5. Do not think they are ‘waste’ film, but each only takes a favorite scene (usually a digital camera should be continuous). If you see a great moment, take some pictures, try different angles and settings. If the atmosphere or scene is really worth it, or even spends a whole roll of film just shot a scene.

My experience: Really, the film shot each time the shutter is a few dollars, this feeling as well felt the burn. However, Eric has calculated that in the article, he told 5D MarkIII Leica M9 and Leica M6 with a bunch of film, for example (who are interested can go to find). In fact, the entire film downs conversion still cheaper than a digital camera.

6. Experience film camera recommendations can try the following way: Ask a friend as a model, shooting a scene with a series of photos with posture, but each of them with different aperture, shutter speed, and then each take a to write down their own time settings, such as shutter, aperture, and the situation was light. When washed out again with photos recorded data comparison. So that you can be compared to find the ideal settings and shoot the way you want.

My experience: this proposal is good. I must have not tried this.

Frank Oscar Larson
7. Eric thinks we should try to try a different film. But once you find fairly satisfied with the film. I do not want to change the recommendation is. This will help you maintain a consistent work style. To adhere to a film for a long time can also make you a better understanding of some minor differences, such as sensitization, how desensitized after the results of the day or night shoot out how it feels, contrast with the color and so on.

My experience: I have to try Kodak Portra 400 with Fuji X-tra 400, Kodak Portra 400 color none, are my preferred color film. But a roll to 250 C 260, not cheap, Fuji X-tra 400 colours is very close Portra, interested friends can try these two volumes.

Frank Oscar Larson
8. A lot of people worry about airport security X-ray will destroy the film. But in fact, if you use 400 speed films, over airport security X-ray will not have a problem. 800-1600 speed films but may be a problem.

My experience: If you are really worried, there are many manufacturers of anti-X-ray film bags. Or recommend the film to carry, you can ask the security staff to manually check through security X-ray.

Frank Oscar Larson
9. Eric says he usually has an average of 50 rolls of film will make him a very proud. In this recommendation, when the reference standard, the chances you take fabulous street photography is not too high.

My experience: Please be very stringent selection of their photos, I often mention this when shooting depending on shooting immediate emotional link to the photo of a beautiful over-amplification. While trying to live a long time to come up with a photo lab or view. Detached feelings, demanding to select their own work. So worthy of people looked at the pictures. They themselves would progress. 50 Volume 1800 but only a very proud picture I actually suspects that he was a bit exaggerated.

Frank Oscar Larson
10. Do not consider that the film is shot in a waste of money. Considered to be an investment. Film can certainly give you a fun experience and digital cameras cannot provide.

My experience: I can only say that the film will be shot addictive.

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