Special designed personal acrylic wedding invitation

Hey,buddy, are you preparing your marriage? It is said that, at the moment you blink you eye, there are 200000 people get married in this world, how amazing! In my country, the wedding studio and wedding planners are extrem busy when it comes to the holidays, because a wide series of people turn to get married. But wedding is a wonderful thing as well as a annoying work, because we need to do many preparing works for wedding. Marriage is as important as birth and death, and I am so lucky that I have realize my dream, to be a wedding planner. As a wedding planner, I have the fortune to witness the new couple’s happiness, I like this divine work, and I am lucky enough that I have did a better job.


(Modern special designed acrylic wedding invitation)

It really cost us a long time to prepare the wedding, just the seems easy wedding invitation job would annoy you most. But no matter how hard work it is, just keep cool and let’s start from the wedding invitations. Generally, six weeks before the wedding, the wedding invitations need to start been sent to our relatives. In fact, the real difficult thing is what kind of wedding invitations to be used.

Generally speaking, most of the wedding invitations are paper invitations, because they are made of paper, they are soft, light and cheap, and easy to carry out. We can not deny that the paper wedding invitation has enjoy a long time market, it used to be the most popular art work, this traditional invitation initiate envirnment friendly theme and it is green product,but step by step, we have discovered the disadvantage of the paper invitation.It is because of it’s paper material, when it comes to the windy days, it can easily be blown away, and because it is cheap, most of the guests would throw it away or leave it in the wedding party. I think, we do not want to see the paper wedding invitations flying everywhere in the windy weather.

(Fashionable acrylic wedding invitations well kept)

The latest wedding invitation design is the personal acrylic invitation, they are made of acrylic, they are heavier than the paper one, but also it can be easily carried out, by comparing with the paper invitation, the acrylic one same cheap with paper invitation, but the acrylic wedding invitations well-waterproof and well-windproof. Acrylic is a special green material, it is lighter than metal, but it looks more fashionable than both paper one and metal one. This kind of invitation is special-designed by the modern artis, it’s unique shape and picture make it very popular, and because they are customized, there is only one your personalized invitation in the world, you do not worry about your wedding invitation will be same with the others. Acrylic wedding invitation is more suitable for this modern society. This kind of wedding invitation not only can be well-used, but also well-kept for a longtime, young couples and guests can keep it as a memorable gift.

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