Some shooting and composition skills for group photography

Some shooting and composition skills for group photography

Some shooting and composition skills for group photography

Don’t leave too much head space ( canvas prints ).
When ordinary people take snapshots, they always leave too much space above the subject’s head. This is a common mistake for most amateurs, but fortunately it is very easy to fix. But don’t leave too much space. If you remember the characters composition skills (your subject’s eyes over place which one third of the scene box), so you can avoid the problem of “too much head space”.

Character direction
Most of the pictures are taken a horizontal (landscape photography), it also created the perfect feeling, because the camera is designed in this manner – level support, this is the reason of the shutter button in the top right, just the fingers can naturally in there. However, professional portrait photography is usually a vertical direction. So, if you want to get more professional portrait, so make the camera vertically, took in the direction character.

Shooting character side horizontally
Now that we have studied the vertical shooting portraits of rule, let us break this rule (this is one of the most interesting things in photography rules – if you learn these rules, you might break them, very cool! But if accidentally break the rules; it is not wise, because this is due to you do not understand it enough). Anyway, broke this rule is when we were shooting your subject’s profile. Here’s the reason: because your subject is facing frame’s edge, if your subject vertical shooting, they will look like portrait is limited in a box, very uncomfortable on the vision. So, break the rules, vertical shooting a character profile, which makes the character have visual breathing space, which can let your subject in the scene looks more comfortable.

Rules of pseudo – “on the shoulders of the sun”
You may have heard of “on the shoulders of the sun” rule, the effect that outdoor filming figures, you should be back to the sun () on your shoulders, so your subject’s face was illuminated. It is a perfect rule for taking a snapshot of the rule, but for group portraits is one of the worst. If you want to make the portrait photography has the professional quality, so don’t let the sun direct illuminate the face, it will make everyone inclined narrow their eyes, eyes can’t open, and unable to face the camera. What is worse, their faces are dazzling, point-blank, unpleasant light. If your subject are back the sun, not you), so they have good around the edge of the light effect contour tick the (hair), and then a slight flash (keep the flash low brightness), let they face have enough light, so they will blend with the surrounding natural light.

Choose a better background for portraits
Portrait photography is the key to obtain the ideal background is “less is more”. If taken in the environment such as someone’s home or office, etc, in order to get a professional effect, it is not carefully to improve the background – but remove the certain scene in the background. You need to try to minimize the background subject factors, if not possible, as much as possible to remove some distracting factors. Don’t ignore it, in order to create a truly ideal character environment, it cannot only play a role of foreground. The photos should be treated as a whole by selecting (or create) the simple, clean background of, the possibility of victory is soaring.

The composition of creative skills
Most of the photos are not horizontal shooting, then vertical shooting, so the shooting Angle should be more innovative, For the character portrait photography is a very popular method: convert camera Angle, this Angle will make your subject to a corner. This method will get simply cannot be simpler, as long as the camera rotates slightly to the right or left, and then shoot. You may need to try several times, let your subject in the sight of position you want, but the effect it has existed for many years will be more popular.

Cut space above their heads
This is the next step of portrait photography “don’t let your subject head left too much space”. In this kind of composition skills, you need to trim off the top of your subject head, read here, you will feel strange. Fill your subject head box is very popular professional skills. Compact composition of a picture like this formed a very dramatic effect, as shown in the above, it has attracted the attention of you now, you will find that the composition technique is everywhere has become much top fashion, beauty, and the mainstream of portrait photography method. (note: although the tailoring your subject the top of the head, or practices, such as the edge of the arm, shoulder, hair is very good, but you should not cut his chin. People used to actually see the top be clipped, it will look natural. But saw the pictures of chin is pruned vision would be very uncomfortable.)

Outdoor group photos is easier
Light up a photograph, and everyone has an equal amount of light is a challenge, that is, during the filming of a collective usually let your subject in order to obtain better effect in the outdoor. Available outdoor lights light up the whole subject, especially your subject in the shade (not deep in the shade, only the edge of the shade, but there is no light through the trees, Windows or building the gap between the projected on your subject). If you are lucky enough, the group photos in cloudy weather, so your job is very simple – just let your subject stepped outside, cloudy sky will arrange good light for you, and so you can focus on how they pose. (By the way, in order to get the effect of professional group, the photographer will never say “now all stand tall in the last row.”)

Group posed skills
The next group photos don’t let all people stand in a row (and you know this effect looks bad), try to let them gather around certain scenery – some your subject naturally arranged their position. , for example, around trying to get on the bed or a bed or chair, pillars, cars, table, or anything that can set them as a whole around the object or pose, so they will not have to stand in a straight line.

Group living photo skills
Want to shoot more attractive group living photo? Then let your subject is close pyramid (triangle), but I said close means they come into contact with each other – arm and head together, a man at the top of the view box, each with one side in the bottom of the pyramid, others are closely rely on in the middle. In this way, you will find that their body is not a straight line, the location of them are interlaced and leaning together, in this way you will make photos look more dynamic and interesting. I don’t have to try this approach is that the group is large in number, but if you have a fun group living photo, this is this kind of method is the most powerful explanation.

Don’t even light up the whole of your subject
People look at pictures, they were first in the photo is the most bright scenery attracted, so you only want the brightest light projection at the position of you want, right? Exactly! So, if your portrait, you want people to pay attention to your subject’s face or wrong arms folded? Most people use the same light to illuminate the whole character, on both sides of your subject’s hand and his face is almost the same light. If you want to guide the person’s focus is on the position you want, then light up your subject, the brightest light in your subject’s face, then gradually dim down the body. Such fun, vividness, you will find that visual focus is usually in the character of the high-end. By the way, this is another example of feather light, so light is the edge of your subject’s face, the face lights perfect quickly reduce (but don’t let it get too dark – it should be very bright, still have the details, but no brighter than face).

Want to get better portrait? Don’t count off!
If you want to shoot characters with good posture, and then count number 1, 2, 3 before press the shutter button. This ensures that your portrait photo almost impossible with natural expression. As a photographer, when you found that the character of natural expression of time, and it’s your job to capture this moment in time. Anyone can stand there, count number 1, 2, 3, and then in the fourth press the shutter button, if you do this, you take pictures of any other people can also take. If you want to some special effect, more natural expression, sincere smile or expression, then abandon the 1, 2, 3, this kind of stereotype, but with you to talk about your subject. Motivate them and let them start laughing, and even let them pass the time, and then the time is right – to capture the moment. So their photos is not only a good lighting and the natural posture, you will let their images become natural.

The window light: where should your subject be?
Anywhere the window light, especially the north side of the window light is one of the most beautiful lights in the portraits (in fact, some professional photographers adhere to only use natural light window all portraits taken). Window distracted the flow of light, the larger the window, the softer the light and scattered. So, if you have got some good window light, where is the best place should you subject be? You hope your subject and shoulders face the window, then the light is passed through your subject, there will be a soft shadow in their face. Then, let your subject stand in 1.8 meter distance from windows, so the light is very soft and linger around your subject (if makes them more close to the distance between the downy light will change soon). And let your subject slightly behind the Windows, so they can come into contact with the edge of the window light, rather than direct sunlight. The edge of the light is very soft can let you get a lot of professional photographers dream perfect and magical light.

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