Simple 10 Tricks Let You Easily Grasp Scenery Photography

Simple 10 Tricks Let You Easily Grasp Scenery Photography
Taking a good scenery photo is just a moment of luck? In fact, more than that, to get up earlier than others, to meet the morning dawn of quiet; to have enough patience to wait, to see the sunset and clouds play. Grasp the opportunity is an important factor in landscape photography, and want to make the screen more outstanding can utilization prospects to increase the picture of a spatial sense, or start from the composition, find the picture of rhythm, and is reflected in the water, can become the creative elements of landscape photography. Landscape photography is all around our life, whenever you go, you can see beautiful scenery, why not shoot down it and transfer onto nice canvas prints to hang in your house and add a lot of vivid atmosphere for your living space. We summed up the 10 to take a good scenery of the skills, love to take scenery of the friends do not miss.
No.1 Capture the most beautiful light Twilight

Charming light, delicate level and gorgeous color is the life of the scenery photography. The prime time of the scenery photography is the sunrise and the sunset, so patient waiting is the required course of scenery photography. In this shooting time, low color temperature of light and shade and color change very quickly, can bring a different picture of the effects of light and shadow, inspired by the photographer shoot more expressive photos. Some photographers in order to capture the moment of lighting the sky and clouds of brilliant moments in the shooting, and wait a few days. Whether to capture the mountains and rivers, lakes, sea and fields, the use of the twilight hours of light, are able to take a soft and delicate, three-dimensional sense of strong, tone rich photos. Note that in such a time shooting is easy to expose the problem of over exposure, so remember to carefully select the metering point of accurate metering. In addition, try to use fluorescent white balance, or RAW format shooting, often can bring you some surprises.
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No.2 Enhanced picture effect with clouds

Cloud is a good helper to enhance the effectiveness of the scenery picture. White cloud will enable the scenery according to look fresh and bright; rays of morning or evening sunlight splendor will make the picture becomes luster; thick cloud is grave actually lets the human on the story behind the scenes full of mysterious reverie. Select the charm of the weather and time, in the ever-changing to capture the most beautiful shape of the clouds, and if possible, you can transfer it on canvas prints to show your works to your friends and family. Often can play a balanced picture and enhance the momentum of the role.
No.3 Repeat lines rhythm

Scenery photography focus on the form of the United States, therefore, in particular, the line design and application. Repetitive lines are an attractive theme in landscape photography, and they can give a picture of the rhythm and rhythm.
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No.4 Expand the expression with reflection

Reflection can bring interesting visual pleasure, in the quiet of the lake, the full of dramatic reflection into the picture, in the quiet, stable, the extension of picture, repeat can effectively expand the scope of performance and performance. Enable reference line function, can better grasp the level of symmetry line.
No.5 using the prospect of enhanced space

Foreground is an important element of landscape photography. Don’t focus on the main body of the subject, should be careful to observe the environment, looking for a suitable prospect to increase the depth of the image space, so that the picture is more infectious.
No.6 Panoramic photos show the magnificent scenery.

Most of the time, the scenery is very charming, even with a wide-angle lens cannot be fully incorporated into the picture. At this time, it is an effective way to show the panorama of magnificent scenery. Shooting panoramic photo to ensure that the three unchanged: shooting position is fixed; the lens focal length is fixed; the combination of aperture and shutter. At the same time, pay attention to maintain the level of the camera, to shoot a point of view, the exposure of a group of photos. Together, they will be able to produce spectacular panoramic works. And you can make some panoramic canvas prints printed from your works, which will be a good option for home decoration.
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No.7 Slow shutter novel visual experience

Whether it is shooting streams, waterfalls, or the night of traffic, the use of 1/4 seconds following the slow shutter speed will often give people a new visual experience. Enable long time exposure can reduce the noise, to get better quality.
No.8 Big scene scenery focus on white space

In big scene of vast scenery, it is necessary to pay attention to picture to leave enough “blank”, to avoid picture too full, this space are often referred to as the “blank”, see such works will always make people feel relaxed and happy.
No.9 Pay attention to the guiding role of lines

Lines of unique contours and shapes are easy to attract the eyes of the audience. In the scenery photography work, looking for and found that the line is very important, it can guide the audience’s vision, so that the body is more prominent, more beautiful shape.
No. 10 Select the appropriate shooting angle

According to the theme and the performance of the selection of appropriate shooting angle, is the key to shoot a good piece of work. This painting is the overlooking angle shot, with a small aperture complete show from close range to the vision of all the pictures, the picture of the performance of the sense of hierarchy, vertical deeply feeling.

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