Seven tips to shoot the sunset photography

Seven tips to shoot the sunset photography

Seven tips to shoot the sunset photography

Sunset has been taken by photographers love theme, for beginner students of photography, is worth learning. By mastering the sunset canvas prints photo shooting method, exposure, tripod, filters, etc can be have a better understanding of other subjects will be more comfortable! There are seven tips to shoot the sunset photography, let’s learn together.

(No.1) to understand the scene environment

In fact, in many parts of the sunset can be taken, but it is best to avoid the crowd or busy street; There are also many online resources to share the good place of sunset, you can reference in advance. When you select a target after the shooting area, is best can arrived a little earlier, first check on the environment, and look at that one point of view is the best place to shoot, if it is the most popular locations, arrive a little earlier, also convenient for a better position The shoot. The same location may have several can take position, can move line and ready time, because the sunset best shooting time is not long, if it was shot on the equipment or not familiar with classmates, it is strongly recommended that fixed in the same position, the first time to shoot.

(No.2) of the aperture and shutter speed, ISO setting

Want to clap A beautiful sunset, usually can use aperture priority (A/Av – Mode) exposure compensation (+ / EV) or directly use manual Mode (M – Mode) to shoot, generally set is as follows:

Aperture: f / 8-16

Lowest ISO: 50-200 (camera)

The sunset light shutter: according to the time change

If it is to use an aperture, precedent set aperture shutter automatically after the adjustment, please take a photo, if the sky is the image without color, please use the exposure compensation to minus EV, leave the sky level; If manual mode is used, to shoot a piece of canvas prints photos, please adjust the shutter speed to ensure that the sky has a proper exposure (don’t blown): a bright sky will speed up the shutter, conversely slowing down the shutter.

(No.3) change the white balance with a different feeling

White Balance (WB, White Balance) is very useful when filming sunrise and sunset, don’t always use automatic White Balance, through the manual set WB, you can strengthen the rendering sunset dusk, day for shooting behind the Magic Hour when also can in turn out of the atmosphere calm night! Sunrise and sunset very similar, how to distinguish? Sunrise will gradient as the blue sky, sky late can make photo slants cold tone; whereas the sunset should be with a warm feeling, warm tone is more appropriate.

(No.4) as the sunset composition and change

Don’t just shoot the sun during the filming of a sunset, a little more than we can change:

  1. select prospects: can be a boat at sea, or some hill and the shore; a setoff
  2. use the things around the dusk light shooting, such as shell, grass, or even like, etc.;
  3. wide Angle can clap a broad environment, but the sun will be smaller; Telephoto can be compressed and the distance of lens, clap a big sun;
  4. shoot silhouette

(No.5) fully uses your equipment and filter

Taken at sunset suggested the classmate to prepare the following equipment:

The tripod: although at the beginning of the film the sun was fierce, the shutter is soon. But the sunset disappears very quickly, the shutter will be slower and slower, the best set in advance good tripod; Gradient ash filter (GND): gradient ash filter is useful in sunrise sunset during filming, can balance the sky just like the light of the ground, make the ground will not be a piece of black. Shutter release: like a tripod, pre-installed shutter release allows you to shoot more smoothly

(No.6) wait patiently

Shooting a sunset when the sun is close to the horizontal line is the best time, this time difference is reduced, and warming and light, very suitable for sunset, so all the students should wait patiently; need not too early start shooting.

(No.7) don’t early to stop filming

Sunset is best able to day filming backward “Magic Hour” (sunset), and don’t have to get up early (sunrise), so don’t too early to stop filming. By the way, if you can get some beautiful sunset photos, you can choose some of them and make them on canvas prints to display in your room, which will be opponents.

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