The wrapped canvas portrait print

Replace your old poster-portrait with canvas prints art

Recently, I have obsessed with a old South Korea Movie, which was named Daisy. The film was described as this,that summer, Amsterdam, a cold killer with fiery soul and another completely oppositea policeman came to the life of a woman Hye-young who painted the portrait in the plaza for living. Hye-young was preparing a personal portrait exhibition,in this strange city,the killer always helped the woman but do not show up.Hye-young never met the man, gave Hye-young graceful touch, so she sent her own painting daisies to him, and his reply is a paper always with daisies pollen and potted daisies. From the day began suddenly, there was always a man holding a pot of daisies at the same time to draw portraits, Hye-young’s heart began to have a subtle change.


(The Daisy film canvas poster prints)

Everytime I watched this movie, I like the painting life of the actress very much. but it is regrettable that I can not draw a portrait by myself, because my major is not painting, I want to have my portrait poster as a birthday gift, it is very expensive to ask a street artist or attend the training courses because the materias lreally costs a lot. And then,I find the canvas portrait prints. I picked my best portrait photo, and the factory printed it into a canvas fabric.It was wood framed but in fact,you cann not find the wood frame from appearance, because it was wrapped by the whole photo , and it makes the portrait a three-dimensional look. The Canvas portrait prints not only retain the original style but also added literary, artistic characteristics.

By the special discount for online sale, it does not costs a lot, and the fast and safe transportation lead to my portrait canvas print arrive my home within a week.Now I can not wait to hang my portrait canvas art on the wall, I really enjoy a deal.

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