Record real touching moment

Record real touching moment

Record real touching moment

Walk amongst the crowds as a street photographer for the first time, let you feel overwhelmed and beat timid? Street photography is the purpose of the record of the most true expression, behavior and interaction; this is to tell you how to shoot through the lens touched the hearts of canvas prints photography.

First, keep smiling.

You may have had such experience: when you stand on the street with the main character in the front of the camera ready to shoot, the person also perceive you focus and quiet oppressive feeling, watching you, an awkward feeling arises spontaneously from your heart… This is almost every street photography novice pass away, you want to know want to get a good photo effort if gets beyond the capacity of the photographer, the story won’t be work… Light meter values only reference, based on the most reliable and most intimate way is empathy to feeling view, the frequency of breathing on both sides. Next time, found that the main character in the lens back, might as well be confident release goodwill, try to smile at each other, if you can, chat with each other more than two sentences, they might be able to set up a bridge of friendship!

Second, design picture.

Photography in addition to pay attention to light and shadow is the hardest thing to take hold. Has nothing to do with the focal length of the lens, but the pace and the distance between the stories. Photography that when they met in the past and the future of the world structure produced the corresponding adjustment, sounds very philosophy, it is about to illustrate the story, what do you want to try to draw in the brain via the scene, use your keen observation feeling around the rhythm, the connection relations between characters, please remember that you are the director to your canvas prints images conceived an intriguing story!!!!

Third, be patient.

Bustling streets, waiting for passersby to start the moment; the towering buildings, waiting is standing in front of a home; the swing in the park, the waiting is two long shadows… When the street photography always waiting, we are waiting for a right view, the right person, at that moment, take it to convey meaning, and the process, the most proven is efficiency. Shutter pressing the moment only a certain period of the introduction of the story, memory and imagination struggles with fate between types of call a series of images.

Fourth, the exchange to inspect it.

After a period of time, maybe you will meet some bottleneck, when reading a book, visit exhibitions may bring you a lot of different stimuli, common and photography enthusiasts exchange or the predecessors of canvas prints works, also can have imagined. At present the group of strangers in life, seemingly the most inconspicuous plot, but revealed a strong tension that is sometimes awkward and sometimes overlap with beautiful moment, like a puzzle in the script and the evidence of be vividly portrayed. Every time the shutter is a reflection of a crisp sound, remind yourself, don’t forget to continue to ask where I am? In front of the world is what kind of relationship?

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