Night Portrait shooting with full Explanation

Night Portrait shooting with full Explanation

Night Portrait shooting with full Explanation

Night Portrait, is a faithful subject popular favorite topics. However, due to the complexity and diversity of the light source, for photographers to grasp the light of the need for more accurate shooting difficult, it would be bigger than the daytime portrait. In the next tutorial, we will tell the photographer Zach Sutton is thinking about Night portrait shooting process, we want to help.

Equipment selection

In low-light environments, with a high sense of a good camera and a large aperture lens is a good choice, but in this tutorial is not necessarily such a request. Also prepared is three flashes, reflectors and some other continuous light source lamp (not necessarily all have to be used, subject to availability).
Tristan Sig
Select the location of

Different shooting locations for the filming process are very different. Like in an abandoned warehouse and bright lights in the streets, both shooting method is different. Choose the time, the area to consider whether there is a continuous shooting illumination light, if not, you are required to bring their own some of the lighting tool to facilitate action and help the camera focus.
Select the ambient light

When you select no ambient light location shooting, in which case all the light from the flash on, then it will use a higher shutter speed, exposure of the subject and the background is more easily controlled. If there is continuous light source select locations to shoot, will generally reduce the amount of flash output, it is mixed with ambient light, while the shutter speed will be slower (Note: the shutter speed does not affect flash output).
Martin Eklund
Work process

The theme of the film is smoking bearded Spencer, according to the characteristics relating to the use of the two flashes, a figure at the top after doing back lighting; another light in the upper right in front of people, mainly light. Determine the position and probably a fair output flash after, you can start shooting, while the flash output accurate position and make adjustments in the shooting.
In determining the approximate location and parameters of a suitable flash, the camera parameters will be set, and then began shooting. Here are the first photos taken. Exposure owes a lot.

Thus increasing the output of the main flash light, adjusted photographed pictures in the following figure, it can be viewed in the photos, still owed some exposure.
So I raise the ISO, as well as the output of the flash is also slightly increased the number and then a shooting. The resulting photographs are clearly much better.

Next, I performed in accordance with the theme of fine-tuning the position of the main light left for some and a little less output; backlight flash output slightly increased a little, so that the backlight is more effective, more clearly separated from the smoke and the environment. Finally got this picture below.

I completed all the above steps in 15 minutes. Here the sun a light cloth real maps it!

In the latter part of the process, according to the shooting theme, the saturation is reduced, down a dark background. Then copy the elements would like to highlight one more layer, use the Burn, layer blending and other tools, making their effect is more pronounced. Final processed photos in the following figure:

Other examples
Cigars man
You can be clear from this picture, I simulated street shooting. Position lights on the front of the characters, ISO of 800, the shutter speed is faster, so it looks relatively smoke condensate real state, nor a dull black background. If you use a low ISO and slow shutter speed, then the form of smoke becomes blurred, the effect is bad. In the choice of color I used warm colors to make the picture more fully flavor.
Girl under the lights
This photo was taken when using diffuser, and set a higher ISO and larger aperture, the main purpose is to obtain solidification of snow and beautiful both. In color performance to restore the main, so that the photo more beautiful with age.


Through the above sharing, I wish i could provide some help. During the filming, the first step is to determine the location, in order to prepare the subsequent equipment and lighting arrangements. In the arrangement of light, when you want to play to their imagination, make the picture even more color

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