Children's photography skills

My feelings and experiences with Children’s photography skills

My feelings and experiences with Children’s photography skills

I have to talk about the beginning of good equipment, canvas prints equipment for the fact I do not know much, just more familiar with their own hands used some of them, based on their own experiences to talk about, and there are some small partners to ask questions about what equipment, here to answer questions.

In my opinion, in the photographic equipment is a very important study, and we cannot too much, greed is good, but it must be sufficient, will not, conditions permitting, to buy the best equipment you like, there are money can definitely capricious. I limited conditions, but I have enough equipment under one roof. I now hand equipment is Canon 5d3, lens, Canon 50, 1.4 and 35, 1.4 also an om55, 1.2, an eight feather strange. PC is Apple’s 15-inch MacBookpro.

I was in junior when he already had his first camera, a Canon 400d, as stupid machine as used for several years. Really began to study portrait photography should be after the birth of a child. That was six years ago, as the children grow older, become restless, found with all aspects of the 400d are unsatisfactory, shooting up more and more difficult. When my kid was eighteen months old I change a wayward camera heavily to buy a new lens 24-70.501.4. But now, many shots have been sold. For a new camera after more fond of photography, which I suppose I learn a new beginning on the photography.

Then change the Canon 5d2. In fact, when the 5d3 had come out, the price is relatively high, so I thought to save money or buy 5d2. Major upgrade from 5d2 to 5d3 reason is because the focusing system, because I’m using mostly fixed-focus camera, shooting children mostly, so I cannot fully stand when 5d2 ran coke, sell equipment upgrade 5d3, but this time second-hand 5d2 has dropped by about five thousand have added ten thousand dollars to buy a new machine. Not as good as two years ago, does not save money to buy directly, so you can spend a good few years ago a lot of the new machine.

To replace the computer with the post-retouching, in fact, it is the same through a lot. As we all know, the color of the film on the impact of computer screen late how large it seems their eyes, as if the screen’s color level hit requirements, it is like wearing a pair of tinted glasses yourself, whether you’re in the late How much effort on effort and hard work, it would be hard to harvest desired. So I kept a few monitors to replace later, the teacher laughed at me, drives me to buy Apple. Because Apple high prices, I have been hesitant. In color distress for a long period of time, then the feeling will go mad when, on the friend borrowed a large sum of money, carrying her husband bought a new computer. With a new computer after suddenly feeling a kind of visual, color sense has been greatly improved during the year, the working efficiency is enhanced particularly high. So, I made too many stupid things, indecision, anguish, a waste of time but also a waste of money.

I remember talking with the teacher mentioned before, see a good work will want to know what this machine works shots, and also ask some of the best photographers of the equipment they use. I think only in the equipment reached the same starting line, it may have a chance to catch him, even beyond him. Now my favorite photographer, are using Dafa and Leica, I have to save the effort.

My attitude photography

With enough equipment to use, we will open lovemaking session mode, and you want to gain something in photography, then you pops also need to have a good attitude. I personally hope that can hold its own in shooting shot you like, you can make good intentions of their favorite. But mind you want to shoot the film, to bring up the favorite color, not easy, so it’s four years, I spent time on photography, and more are learning.

Remember when early learning photography, photography that is mainly by the late, ignoring a lot of the early problems. Then spend too much time to drill late, always forget to eat, sleep is a common thing, there is a very bad mistake because it is not love to communicate with people, only to shoot down their own learning. Will buy various tutorials on Taobao, the filter plug-in did not spend less money, and take a lot of detours I buy a lot of useless things, also wasted a lot of money. In my husband’s eyes, is simply a lie in front of the computer every day Prodigal bitch. This detour to go down let me be harvested, a post-learning software is based on the accumulated experience, my knowledge to a later period than the pre-more important.

In the early independent study photography I actually have some of their own simple ideas, but also according to the hearts like the idea to go patting, but not always beat the hearts of the desired picture. At that time very depressed, confused, anxious, and even let me down. Fortunately, when I met the teacher gyeonlee, he just started classes, I was just like in the night to see a guiding light, duty-bound to join his private education classes, students in this class, his guide to help me too much, he also let me have a new understanding of photography, I have a clear mind and a firm target heart original idea.

The early part of the time, like a conch shell photographer j God and teaching classes, I should be the first reported name. Here I learned a new way to recognize a group of fun and excellent little friends. In my opinion, learning platform and the atmosphere is very important, we must also learn photography and others exchange and discuss this environment enough to affect your mind, your aesthetic, your life. Good teachers and high aesthetic ambience will make you change, poor atmosphere photography low aesthetic atmosphere will let you change a variable is getting better and better, a change is getting worse. Give you a proper idea of ​​the guidelines, a crooked likely to take you farther.

Overall, my attitude is to learn, fun to shoot, keeping warm, seriously. Always feel that work is the photographer can see the heart, your attitude toward shooting, when you hold the camera will always affect you, guide you, and thus reflected in your picture taken inside.

Off film shooting and photography hobby balance

Introduced earlier, I’ll shoot some passengers in a single weekend, to maintain this high consumption life and photography hobby, because of this, I went into a lot of families go to their record and be recognized. As a part-time how to find the photographer and photography hobby film shooting off balance, we believe that many small partners have such doubts. I come from my own experience and tell you that speak.

Let me talk in my city, Yingkou is not, it is a small second-tier cities, the whole culture is not too strong a few years ago, the creation of an independent type of photography mode here regarded as a novelty. They are traditional cognitive larger studio shooting modes and offers. When I first started shooting, I am also a fan of ignorant not look like this now firm idea of ​​shooting now, it is a few detours. Fortunately, I persevered, and grew up in the process.

I grew up among a few key points I think is very important.

First, seriously good shot every time, every shot is to reach the current stage to achieve the best level in the existing conditions Foundation.

Second, to develop a reasonable price, I feel like when the advances and increasing costs of the case, I will adjust the shooting quotes, have gone up three times a year, after all, at the beginning of the shooting is too cheap.

Third, we do not use commercial standards to shackle my shooting.

Fourth, and most important, I found the right idea, stick with it. All shooting and shooting to accept the offer philosophy as a precondition. Will not bargain, do not filming any single customer does not comply with its own mode of thinking, just waiting for people to understand what I shoot, just shoot people can understand me.

Because attitudes affect their photography, photography for me so, never not a commodity, and I cannot destined to do business, I need her to sustain life and love, on this basis, to the intentions of the shooting, nothing more, and why my shooting mode and its commercial photography is not the same place. Every shot how many pieces I do not know the specific number of guests do not choose films, I only work in accordance with the standard of his mind to repair the chip select film production.

To be honest, the balance of which is difficult to master, so that everyone acknowledges and accepts also a very, very long process, I paid too much, but until today, I get to know a lot of photography as a friend, but also because they asked me shoot, just so that I can firmly photography go on the road, I am very grateful, can we return, it is to continue to learn to make your own progress.

When I cannot shoot any pressure, I’m off in film shooting in progress, and more and more like to overcome various difficulties to complete the shooting, but also had some income to maintain living and loving. Month shoot is limited, earn much, will be hard, but more of a spiritual harvest, which is photography gives me bring you happiness, I was lucky enough to find such a balance, although spending such a long time.

Talked about so much, I’ll give you back talk about some ideas about the shooting of children and adults, the middle will be equipped with a lot of pictures, we will put some questions to go into the share. Let us talk about children, family-shot ideas. In the last year I have to write a long shot to share on children, should have seen the junior partner, May 2016’s ‘Portrait photography’ Gordon also share my article, which I also like the mother of the photographer on the extension of the extension shoot your two lovely daughters article. Interested can buy a small partner to see.

I usually shoot without flash, relying on natural light to complete filming, shooting children, I will 35,1.4 indoor and outdoor use will 50,1.4. I think there is a small partner this mix is ​​not reasonable, proposes two lenses there is only one like, but in my long-term use, we found that the difference between these two lenses is actually big.

35 at home can make me close communication with their children, play while you shoot, large aperture camera with high sensitivity cannot worry about changing the interior light, can bring more home environment when shooting. 35 shooting, when there are many post-secondary composition spaces. 50 used outdoors, it is out of focus effect is great, you can also maintain a relatively close distance with the kids, they run a little farther away, do not worry.

I love to shoot with the AV files, aperture priority mode. When the indoor light is not enough, often increase the sensitivity to protect enough shutter speed, keep the film bright. White balance is set manually k value based on the environment, the environment changes I will quickly adjust. Use raw and jpg formats, Wi-Fi card, you can easily share jpg of the original film to the phone. Keep at 1.6-2.8 aperture, full aperture will sometimes low light.

Shutter time and the number of children taken

Every time the shooting time is about half a day, according to the child time to get up in the morning, I will go to the children home earlier. From the child’s energy and my energy point of view, just half a day. Complete each shot will probably shutter 800-1000 sheets, or even more, I will feel good from the inside I have a story featured films to repair. Small partners on other films too much, in fact, when you take the camera focus on the child’s every move, the camera becomes your eyes, I often pointing the camera and the kids say, this is the aunt’s eyes, I in the back you can see all. If you care about this time the shutter times, I really do not know how much you miss.

For the children to do the true story of record

Key story point shooting: fun, real, storyboard record.

Child shot, I like the photographer is Japan’s Hideaki coast, he used to film two children recorded daily life, very loving. Kawashima also take years to shoot birds child’s future friend Photo sauce is one of my favorites. I appreciate their attitude to life record, so the real fun, warm people. This is the heart that should be left to the children’s memory. In fact, to say today about the idea has not changed, but this time I re-finishing some new content, from the recent work to share, how to do story flu shot for children.

As a photographer mother, I did a shoot a little publicity, and he was very engaged in funny, I shot him, according to almost all black, this is the usual style. I do not often repair his films, original film storage.

Children’s photography skills to share their feelings and experiences with

For me, then, these sheets have a yard at the time of the story, see it nostalgic.

When he was born, I went with my 400D, was due to special reasons I do cesarean section, until the doctor says that you can get out of bed to walk, the first time I began to come down to earth for him to shoot.

Children’s photography skills to share their feelings and experiences with

Now mostly for his daily record, the camera is actually relatively heavy, inconvenient, so I often phone to help him beat.

Off film shooting, into the family among

To shoot other kids, my identity has changed in their family, I became their friend, sometimes, is an invisible man. If a photographer wants to do invisible, it depends on the family and the child is not able to give enough confidence. When children trust you, you will be able to record their fun. Because gender reasons, they would have a child, the child’s psychological I was more understanding, this understanding let me in on a lot of communication with the child’s smooth. I still feel good communication skills, and personal character, experience, including relevant intentions.

Children’s photography skills to share their feelings and experiences with

A small partner asked if I could shoot props recommended for children, in fact, I’m one shot each, only with a camera to go home to the children, toys and scenes are children of their own, only the most real life. If there are no very special reasons, such as family in such situations in the field, I refuse to do the whole location filming. I went into the house to shoot insisted. The family has too much love bearer, here is the story of all the children originated. Share some of my take children have fun at home.

Those little children move, all instincts, as well as digging booger booger eating, Super Meng. I deliberately did not like to pose for children, but also love to shoot them concentrate on doing their own thing. So most of the pictures I see my kids are not the lens, sometimes home for the elderly say, quickly, to see a smile shot aunt, I will do so tactful inform children and say, let him play enough.

About the shooting light source

Is often taken advantage of the window of a light source, will use household objects to fill light to increase the light-sensitive screen. If you encounter overcast skies, in fact, improve the sensitivity, the use of windows. As you can take bright pictures. But this weather needs kids can fit on the age group.

Children in the hands of the cup is a fill light body. There are light-colored sofa cushions are available. When the child can drink water at any other place, I think I led him to the sofa for windows.

Children’s bath color comfortable, you can give up on the soft light, the light over the balance of the body. My deal is the location of the bathtub placed between the windows with a reasonable position, I have plenty of space activities, and will let the child is under too strong light.

The child shooting day is cloudy, I look at her carefully brought her gifts in the window, a pop-up book. The position of the book forms a fill light to her face. A small partner, said the child’s feet like the color of the face so white, it will not fail as a whole, or need to later adjustment. In fact, I will not adjust, because it is a reasonable light distribution, the child’s script in a dark environment, there is no need to violate the laws of nature and to adjust to face the same.

When the room is dark, I turned on the light in the room, do a whole fill light, face the child is facing a wall, a wall of windows reflecting track her eyes.

It is strongly windows afternoon light, the child’s white sofa cushion when the child back, fill light. In fact, control of light, really like everyone thought there are so many fancy tricks, you have to do is bright or dark environments can maintain normal exposure. These are the foundations of the camera, rather than the hard skills and proficiency in your understanding of the machine and each function keys fit. I often use the exposure compensation function, you can reduce the compensation is too dark, increase the compensation in a dark time, you can try to find their own way.

Baby is asleep

Many younger children will have early habit of napping, this time actually can shoot. I personally like a group. The doll is very cute chick when she nap room windows of the north have come to light, the color of the room clean, shop and body under the cover of a small child been color are good. I removed was placed in the window some other dazzling colors of the items, the color is relatively heavy curtains to hide some of the possible, so that the screen becomes simple.

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