photographic equipment selection

Mountain photographic equipment selection

Mountain photographic equipment selection

Before we learn some of the basic theme of the film and camera settings, canvas prints australia online but when there is no shooting other equipment needed to prepare good? This time speak of the shooting of mountain equipment and techniques needed it!

(A) take advantage of CPL polarizer
CPL polarizer is useful to shoot landscape line photo, CPL has two main functions:

Make the sky more blue
CPL polarizer is rotated through,  you can see the sky in real time from light to dark blue, metal prints online australia and the overall tone and contrast photos will follow darker, use CPL to make two points to note when the sky bluer: First, not ‘ the more blue the better, ‘the effect it would lead to excessive photo unnatural; the second is the angle shot toward the sky very important and should be taken toward the other direction of the sun before they can shoot the blue sky, or even spend a polarizer nor be effective, must be careful ah!

Elimination of green leaves and water reflection
Shooting mountain often encounter the situation of leafy, square canvas photo prints green leaves in the sun can reflect light, you can make use of the polarizer thicker and more solid tone green leaves; and when shooting or lake water polarizer can make water more crystal clear, is do not shoot out of the polarizer effect, be sure to try ah!

(Ii) the use of wide-angle lens, telephoto lens and fisheye
Hiking, hiking equipment carried when in fact better, but each lens has different effects, it is recommended to use a zoom lens to achieve a balance, or pre-planned theme will be taken.

Wide angle lens
18mm, 24mm or less will be a wide-angle lens, usually used to shoot the big scene, ultra-wide-angle lens (eg 16mm, 12mm) lens distortion, etc. can borrow shoot more ambitious results, but also can bring out the good sense of space.
Use a wide-angle lens can shoot wide views. It contains more elements.

Telephoto lens
When you encounter a series of mountains, using a telephoto lens can zoom in far hills, away from the front of the hills seem closer, like the screen space compression on the invariable plane. Of course telephoto lens also enables you to take further afield, more flexibility in the composition, not only to shoot wide Great King.

With a view of utilizing 200mm telephoto can compress distant scenery, bring effect ‘in a plane’ is.

Wide-angle and telephoto lens to shoot out of the picture would be more ‘normal’, Ruoguo want a little more interesting, try to bring a fisheye lens, fisheye lens has a landscape 180 ℃, and the scene will be shot around the extremely distorted, good with its photo feature allows more varied, and used to shoot the bulk of the portrait is also very fun! For more information about fisheye ?

Fisheye wide can distort the image, bringing an exaggerated effect, of course, you can shoot extremely broad view!

(Iii) you need a tripod?
According to the principle of equipment, as possible, the tripod can be avoided, unless you shoot sky, water and other needs relating to the use of slow shutter, ISO or otherwise directly enhance the enlarged aperture allows hand-held shooting you will be able to! Another way is to put a small lightweight tripod, or use a backpack to act as sandbags, when necessary ’emurgency’ look.

If thou expected itinerary will shoot water or star tripod only then bring it!

(Iv) necessary gradation ND filter (GND)
Between mountains shooting, which is a very important skill is shooting ‘Balance light difference,’ when your photos with bright sky, If thou direct shoot will be two results:

Normal exposure sky and saw blue sky, but the ground is dim, loss of detail; or
Overexposed sky, into a white ground normal exposure
These two are not professional photographers the desired results, so in order to balance the brightness of the sky with the ground (so that they have about the same luminosity), we can spend a gradient ND filter (GND), GND have different degrees dimming, let you use different luminosity, good quality GND can also be used together cover several blocks without affecting the tone.

Utilize the GND filter gradient gray, sky and ground detail is preserved.

What is GND gray gradient filter?
About GND detailed description please refer to this article: shoot beautiful landscapes secret: gray gradient filter
The above is the basic equipment when shooting mountain, next I will talk about the composition, closely monitors it!

Mountain photography tutorial series: photography Mountain theme of the film and camera basic setting

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