Make camera be a way you insight into the world

Make camera be a way you insight into the world

Make camera be a way you insight into the world

  • Master your camerato let you no fear any light condition

Although the automatic mode of the camera work very well in most of the time, but encounter conditions difficult shooting environment it will not work, especially in the face of complex and difference between the ambient light, the camera is often unable to get accurate information exposure. Under the background of bright portrait, for example, could lead to a subject owe exposure; On dark color, the camera can carry bright dark parts instead. Therefore, we need to understand relevant knowledge, master the camera exposure metering function, manual setting, metering mode and metering to get what we really want.

  • Master your camera, fuzzy or not depends on you.

For newcomers, good photo first, then, is clear, but the experienced photographers, fuzzy sometimes is a kind of very good expression instead. After coke is a very typical example (often used in the sport or wildlife photography), use a slower shutter, lock screen main body and moving slightly, making very dynamic picture, this is skillfully use the benefits of the shutter and focus. Know the shutter of the camera, and grasp the relations between the shutter and aperture and ISO, can help you to freeze the light you want, also can also help you record the trace of time (slow).

  • Master your camerato help you find the best focus

Do you want to believe that people will always be better than machines, although automatic focus is useful, but under the condition of macro or weak light camera will often lead to the reason was that the macro focal plane tends to be narrow, and lack of weak light environment cameras focus light. The default focus and automatic focus is often at the center of the picture or object closest to the camera, can’t choose.

Focus in order to avoid the error, and repeatedly to prohibit coke embarrassed, you need to learn how to manually choose to focus on the use of a single point of focus during the filming of a portrait, can help you seize the subject’s eyes; Can choose regional focus during the filming of a scene, to guarantee the reasonable depth of field; Shooting motion objects can use servo af, make dynamic effect. Facing the difficult situation, you can even use pure manual focus, live view focus, and even the hyper focal distance. Such operations are of course need to build in the case of have enough knowledge of camera.

  • Master your camerato help you to control the depth of field of the picture

Depth of field determines the image clear scope, we often see the background of others is a shallow depth of field, the effect of controlling the depth of field will help you to highlight the theme, fuzzy off redundant part, it has a key role on images, if set to a camera, is equivalent to give up this important tool. The depth of field is made up of aperture, focal length, focus distance and sensor size is determined by four factors, remove the sensor immutable factors, the rest on your own need to develop, under the condition of a single variable, the larger the aperture depth of the shallow, the longer the focal depth is shallow, the more close to the depth of field, the shallow focus distance. Five, know your camera and help you make the sharpest picture. Most people may not know, aperture is not only determines the exposure, depth of field, also determines the sharpness of the picture. A lens, not only have the largest aperture and the minimum aperture, and an optimum aperture range, under the aperture range, can get the sharpness of the highest. Because they do not know this, many people often mistakenly think that you take a picture of a sharp enough, because the equipment is not good enough. Aware of their equipment, will eliminate a lot of unnecessary trouble.

  • Master your camerato help you control the picture is tonal

Tonal often determines the picture of the style orientation, and we are here to discuss is tonal, under the influence of the white balance was mainly refers to the overall color temperature. Under special circumstances, you can use orange to show warm, use blue to represent peace, but if you want to get the accurate white balance, cannot rely on the automatic setting of the camera, because it is susceptible to interference. Understand this, you have to learn to manually set the white balance, using gray card to help camera calibration color temperature

  • Master your camerato help you develop more creative

Don’t say the newbie, even many experienced photographers all dare not say fully understand their camera, there are many interesting and practical function is still waiting for us to explore – you used RAW shooting? Can you double exposure? Every attempt a new function, we are able to play a more creative! If you never see the instructions, the initiative to get to know your camera, just think of it as the pictures of the automatic machine, you might miss a lot of fun.

  • Master your camerato help you get new ideas

When you completely mastered the use of the camera, you can use this knowledge to resolve outstanding works from the perspective of technology creation technique. After seeing pictures of you like, you can analyze what the authors used the shooting skills, aperture shutter how parameters combination, adopt what kind of lens focal length, etc. Analysis of learning good works perhaps can also bring new inspiration to you!

  • Master your camerato avoid many detours

Only fully understand your camera, can know to where its advantages and disadvantages, frankly, many camera functionality is far exceeds the capability of the photographer itself, and these people often mistakenly think that their bad photo is the camera’s fault, preoccupied with “if I were in a better camera, I can take better pictures”.

  • Master your camerato let it become the extension of your body

Photographer, don’t know my camera when shooting need to spend extra time to adjust the camera Settings, it is easy to miss a crucial moment. And familiar with your camera, learn to treat it as an extension of the body, no matter what kind of situation, when shooting dealing with will. Let the camera is no longer a cold machine, but became a way you insight into the world.

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