Learn photography should not only learn to use light but also learn to use “shadow”

Learn photography should not only learn to use light but also learn to use shadow

Learn photography should not only learn to use light but also learn to use shadow

Whether beginner or master for many years experience, canvas prints which all know to place the light in the highest priority, they will think of light when it comes to learning photography, but ignore the importance of using shadow. Even many people have a wrong understanding on the shadow, either portrait or landscape they are trying to remove the shadow parts in order to retain more image details, and they would like the whole picture light up as much as possible. In fact, shadow for the expression of images is as important as the light, how to reasonable use image to form a harmonious relationship between light and shadow is the key in photography. Say how much light, today we are going to talk about how to use shadow.

We often hear people say, canvas prints online if you don’t have experienced dark, it will not be able to understand the value of the light. This truth in photography is also applicable, if you unable to understand the importance of shadow and dark color, you will not be able to more thorough understanding to the light. A photo without shadow like a face without expression which make people boring, and reasonable collocation can make the picture better tension performance. Then we will introduce what good method can help you better handle the shadow!

(1) Regard the shadow as a subject
This is the simplest way to learn with shadow – directly making shadow. Chiseled objects in certain Angle of light will reflect the shadow of clearly, for example, trees, and car and so on. You can be the shadow of the object as the subject, sometimes there will be a surprise effect. Of course, if you want to use this method, it is important to ensure that there is a bright light source, such as the sun in the sunny weather, the afternoon sun light shadow is shorter, but the contrast is very strong; When the sunset down can elongated objects soft shadow.

(2) Learn to create silhouettes
Silhouette is obvious shape but no tone, the dark image details, usually by bright color background. The use of silhouette is also very simple, usually use it to create an artistic conception of the picture (remember not abuse, not all are suitable for shooting silhouette). There are three shooting silhouette requirements, prospects chiseled, bright and nice background right angle. Outlook is the nods eyeball pen of images, so must be chiseled, or black, the audience all don’t know is what the devil; The background is the best choice in the sunset and sunrise sky, colorful level; Angle choose backlight side, then on the background of metering, so as to guarantee the accuracy of the background exposure and prospect into a silhouette. As long as find the right Angle, can also be more elements into silhouette is a story, such as the birds of the air and bridge set each other off becomes an interest, the distant woods and wharf in the background is just right, the reasonable element collocation for images into a new mood.

(3) With the aid of shadow to add to the emotion of the picture
Light not only affect the degree of exposure, it also has to build the role of emotion and artistic conception, a prosaic scene, be interesting lighting after intervention, can be given completely different atmosphere. If you want to make the picture more tension, you need to deepen the light and shadow contrast, at the same time also can give photos to add more emotions.

(4) Use shadows to strengthen the depth of the landscapes and sharpness
For the application of shadows is not limited to, like, is just as important, even more important). If you want to make a good work, you must make the picture to get the balance right light, because of the scenery photograph contains factors more complex, and a lot of is not controlled artificially, so yes, and time is particularly critical. Many landscape photographers will be travelling to remote camp for the night, the purpose is to seize the sunrise and sunset during prime time, when the golden light is soft and has administrative levels feeling, almost perfect.

Light and shadow make the picture more diversified, protruding part of; also have deliberately omitted part that is the good photo of priorities has administrative levels feeling. In addition to the natural landscape and urban landscape, urban landscape subject is given priority to with construction, mainly because of building forms and the same in different parts of the building after receive light shadows is different also, so it is also very test of light and shadow to capture your intuition.

(5) Practice of black and white photography
Composition believe every beginner photographer’s head will be repeated to instill this concept, but the author thinks that, for starters, in the study of composition at the same time more focus on cultivating the capture and understanding of light and shadow, because it is a good composition under poor light and shadow also could not show the effect. The simplest way of training is to adjust the black-and-white camera, black and white photography abandoned the interference of color, let you focus on the interaction of light and shadow, the direction of the light, strength, quality, etc., this is a very effective exercise and intuition. Strip the color coat, we can more intently to observe the distribution of light and shadow, element shape, return to the abstract nature of photography. This is why a lot of photography masters like black and white.

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