Landscape photography shooting skills

Landscape photography shooting skills

Landscape photography shooting skills

First personal hobby landscape photography style, I play distinct, clear and rich composition canvas prints picture. Idols Elia Locardi, Max Rive, Ted Gore, canvas printing online,Victor Liu, Dave morrow ET internationally renowned photographer. Are interested can enjoy their work. A lot of pictures of them are the art works. In addition, their work is not confined in landscape photography of a subject, this is my learning goal. Each photo style is different. This is due to shooting skills and technology. When you take a period of time after, from natural however will find your own unique personal shooting process.
For me, the most basic landscape photography is to restore eye saw beauty. A lot of people say why the naked eye to see the camera shot is much more beautiful. This is of course, cheap canvas printing dynamic range of the naked eye camera high too much. The basic goal is to picture as far as possible reduction seen by the naked eye. Like. System is cooking. Buy good food is no doubt important, but your cooking skills are equally important.
A lot of people are in fact a scene filmed non-stop, home only to find that a best; this method sometimes really will come as a surprise. More advanced is the first in mind imagine to composition, try to take the picture you want, and then use of the photos to the floor. If you have not been to a certain place that you go to after the first thing is the feel good and look at the situation, find out the desired composition, not in a hurry to shoot.
The impact of weather on landscape photography, although not a sunny day can take good photos; but the weather there is no doubt about the importance, or most people don’t love magic Hour.Magic hour can for photos plus a lot of points can also increase the uniqueness of the canvas prints photos. More advanced is to master the ability to color photographs by using the color (color theory.
Part one: (pre setting, composition, and equipment)
No.1 settings. Field is a lot of people have asked me, a phase set? (i.e., shutter, aperture, ISO). In fact, this problem is of little significance. When shooting set depending on the environment, even if you and I in the same setting, in the same environment under different weather and time, take out the things will not the same. Not to mention all the cameras and lenses are also not necessarily the same, even, of technology will also affect the final out of the imaging. Therefore, you should ask the problem. In fact, only need to know some basic principle, then go shoot in the field experiment. The master can not only take a charge machine. You take a little more natural to master the skills.
Set, I tend to use M-Mode/A-Mode. Shooting landscapes, aperture is generally used f/8-f/11; this is most sharp lens aperture range value. When you want a picture of all the pictures are sharp, deep depth of field; i.e., to close small aperture. Reason is easy to understand, as when you want to shoot portraits, you will with large aperture to highlight the subjectivity, but to the landscape photography, we need to close small aperture to all screen is clear.
ISO (Association) I tend to use 100, only the pursuit of the best quality. And when the aperture and sensitivity is also fixed, the rest of the variables are only the shutter. But usually under such a situation, the shutter will be too slow, handheld shooting is a great chance to make photographs hazy. This is why the industry landscape photographer wills with tripod, tripod would not have worried that the shutter speeds.
But, everything is not absolute, these just basic principle, some special cases will need to set different. Such as when photographing Galaxy we will with large aperture such as F / 2.8, want to shoot the lights of the astral effects will be with fine aperture f / 22 and so on. But there is little to say, if you use f / 22 aperture pictures, they are the dark side of the vignette; if your sensor dust, f / 22 of the photograph will be to these dust is revealed without involuntary discharge of urine out. The large aperture the more we see not sees the dust, but also the dark side of.

No.2 composition.
This is a very important knowledge. In the Instagram world, many people are “Sky lover”. That is the picture of a large percentage of the sky, and the bottom one. But I will go to the scenic photography entry, the composition is very important while prospects is the core element; it is also a lot of people ignore the place. But when, people pay too much attention to the prospect is also obsessed. What formula has this knowledge, appreciate others for their taste. Then slowly when it comes to composition, many people tend to shoot the scene with a wide-angle lens photographed. This is the simplest method. But in addition, the proper use of coke and telephoto shooting also can bring a different surprise. A telephoto shooting can bring the picture compression.

  1. a solid tripod, as mentioned above; it is a must
  2. The shutter release, or use the built-in delay shooting; avoid vibration caused by pressing the shutter, can also shoot Timelapse.
  3. GND Filter/ND Filter), to the sky and light difference environment / water when shooting.
  4. black, Taiwanese invention utility
  5. different focus lenses

Part two: system (Post-processing)
Raw.Jpeg made another account or if you are straight out of school, I bet you really don’t understand hold. As I mentioned, I think image is reduced to the naked eye. Regardless of cell phone cameras are actually difficult to achieve straight out of a (black), then they need. The most basic is the use of Lightroom, Photoshop camera raw filter hold. Such as higher shadow, reduce highlight foreground exposure to normal. Then we can correct the color, contrast, and so on. Raw is certain inside some information than a lot less, made space for a lot less times. Persist in using the JPEG in the future will regret it.
Based on the limited space, many terms can gently over. You know, if you think about all the things on the canvas prints landscape photography, this has to be a book to the end. Therefore, this paper provides only a framework. People of the 21st century, I believe that readers must know Google’s own funny part and make a more in-depth understanding. Whether pre – or post, everything is a ring buckle ring is the intricacies of photography.

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