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iPhone6 Shooting Skills – ​Six Idea

Six iPhone6 Shooting Skills
Use photo to record the details of life is a very popular way in our daily life, every day and every time to use photos to keep down is performance of responsible for the future. You can also transfer some beautiful photos to canvas prints and hang on your wall, they can not only decorate your house, but also recall you the beautiful memory in your life. Put aside the camera is not easy to carry, with a mobile phone to take pictures is arbitrary. The following are six super practical iPhone6 shooting skills.
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No.1 Keep lens clean.

Every time before you shooting, you should clean the lens first, which will make the image clearer. IPhone lens is very small, if there is a fingerprint on the camera, the effect will be very impacted. At this time, if there is a cleaning cloth for eyeglasses will be best, if not, you can use your own clothes or paper towels can temporarily replace.
No.2 Fine-tuning before shooting.

IPhone although has the function of auto focus and auto exposure, but sometimes it may be wrong, in addition to tap the screen, you can use hand to fix focus, exposure position, click the picture to drag up or down can add and subtract brightness, it is very useful in the backlight, snow, beach. Besides, long press can also lock exposure/focus. In this case, the mobile phone is very convenient, so wherever you go, do not forget to use your mobile phone to record the beautiful scenery or important moment, and you can turn these photos onto canvas prints to display them on the wall.
No.3 Shooting in standard mode.

With the basic set of shooting, do not open HDR, it will be more convenient for the later. Standard ratio is 4:3, but if you are going to use Instagram or want to shoot a square photo, you can use the aquare box, the pre composition can eliminate unnecessary procedures, such as cropping image after shooting.
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No.4 Avoid using the built-in flash.

Flash off. If in the bars or outdoors at night, and you shoot the object / person near you, the flash (actual LED lights), your picture will be very bad. If you really need to fill light in a dark environment, ask your friend use their mobile phone to help you.
No.5 Avoid amplification (zoom in) during shooting.

Rather after cutting, but also try not to use the zoom function, because this is actually a type of digital zoom, the focus will be not so clear. If there is no way closer to the subject, you can shoot it first and then post-processing, 8 to 12 million pixel photos are enough.
No.6 Use a suitable retouching app.

It is recommended to use Snapseed to retouch, but as long as they can be handy, POCO a series of APP is very good, for example, at ordinary times can use POCO camera, the self-portrait or portrait creation can use POCO beauty camera, you can have a try. Anyway, use mobile photo to take photo and record the beautiful moment of life couldn’t be easier, so you can take photos at anytime, do not forget to have some of them to print onto beautiful canvas prints which is the best way to display your photo on wall to share with your friends and family.

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