How to take to travel pictures

How to take to travel pictures

How to take to travel pictures

  1. The long exposure

Long exposure is a very common method to reduce the influence of flow, and sometimes too dense crowd/traffic very cool effects in the long exposure. This monument in Washington, for example, the road has been passing pedestrians and passing cars. If direct normal exposure, there will be a very ugly car and passers-by. Long exposure is not the problem, clean, after the lights also drew a nice light painting.

  1. Improve the perspective

This is my one of the most commonly used technique to avoid the crowds. Implementation method has two kinds, one kind is climb to the high city, so many people had nothing to do with you below again. The diagram below is one I took of the Empire State Building in New York, I was through the crowd for a fence gap directly reaches out to the camera.

  1. Look for the special Angle

This method is I practice more times, as the previous answer “how to get there is no one to the Palace Museum”, even if one more place, also is to have a small corner of the unmanned.

  1. Use of the crowd

Who says that crowd in photo must be bad? People sometimes make full use of it can have a better sense of the city. New York’s Times Square has been the people; no one wants to get The Times Square… So think about how to combine good prosperous and crowded traffic in New York. This piece of me at the crossroads exposure probably a fraction of a second time can not only highlight the crowd and the night view of New York, along with appropriate sense of yellow taxi also added a lot of speed.

  1. Longfocal length

The long focal length is a good way to capture a particular object of the appropriate large aperture can also blurs the crowd, is a person for a weapon. The seal on California highway habitats besieged the boisterous crowd. At that time long can focus very well to the touch little nose seals, is the lower left corner is in the way of the weeds and branches, blurred by large aperture no problem.

  1. Backlight silhouette

Before finishing photos that I really like backlight, especially the silhouette. Because of the influence of the backlight can use silhouette to cover a passer-by. Below this is taken in Puerto Rico beach, such as “other people” although not the topic of the main case diagram so much, but also enough to image the beauty of the picture. So I just wait for the sun go down, use person’s silhouette to composition.

  1. Waiting

The last but most important is to learn to wait. In the process of taking pictures, although there are a lot of unknown, but there are many factors can be controlled. So you need to take advantage of this to make you satisfied with the pictures. In general, there is always a period of time (may be a few minutes, seconds), please make good use of this nobody then rushed to take a moment!

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