How to Take Good Still Life Pictures

How to Take Good Still Life Pictures
Trace the kinds of photographic techniques, still life photography development should be the longest. Photographic technology development initial period, due to technical limitations, exposure time lasts for a long time, so still life is the best choice. With the development of technology, however, still life photography, charming, it is still one of the most important photography. From a higher perspective, still life photography is very commercial value, such as magazines, product catalogue and website need product display. Some still life often overlooked by people, but to take photos for them is pretty good, next you can learn how to be creative to capture beautiful still life photo, and you can also began to take pictures of yourself. If possible, you can get some beautiful photo to print on canvas prints which is best way to display your photo on the wall.
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NO.1 Introduction.

Unlike conventional, you don’t need to still life photography specially looking for a studio or find an ideal place for this. You can at home to look for a simple space to begin your photography work, for example the bedside table, next to have a simple background, also use to some lamps and lanterns. Still life photography and the landscape photography and photography have largely different characters, scenery and people tend to set a theme, or a mountain, or a model, they can have very big change, creation space is in front of you. Still life photography, however, they rarely change, all of the cases have photographer control, including the theme, you need to rack one’s brains to think of interesting and novel approach to the creative capture their characteristics.

NO.2 Choose a subject.

What kind of photographs taken entirely up to you. Have a good look and see if there are any interesting but simple things as a start object. Don’t think they must like others fruit or flowers, you can choose the subject open, but don’t choose too difficult. When you go out around, if you have something to attract your attention, picked up the camera to shoot it down, you can also make you beautiful canvas painting to show your work. Avoid choose grass and such with reflective metal on the surface of the object, because the light of shooting them very difficult to control. Once you have mastered the filming of a single physical technology, try a few real together, a few best physical shape, color, texture is different, see if you can make good effect.

NO.3 The light.

Try to use light equipment you have in your hand to shoot a still life. Find a room to use barrier or curtain to block all the natural light, so you can fully control illuminate light on your subject. If you can effectively use general lighting, you also can achieve very good effect. Please be sure to try a few more place position, come over the side and back projection lighting can increase the fun of the lens, light and shadow and the depth. Otherwise, you can choose a room with a light only comes from a window, take this as a favorable conditions.

NO.4 The tripod and Angle.

Depending on your light conditions, there may or may not require three tripod and shutter line. I recommend using these devices, because with these devices, you can better observe and shoot your objects. These devices enable aperture speed become longer, make the image focus forward, blur background, if you need it. However, do not let the fixed position of the camera to limit your creativity, once used a tripod, it is easier to forget due to the location of the fixed, all the photos are from a perspective of the. Need to make sure that you can adjust the angle and height when you shoot. Otherwise, before you know and make adjustments, your whole series of photographs is a point of view, very small, very limited. Angle and height can be adjusted at the same time. You can try to get a bird’s eye view of the graph to shoot the object, from the top down shoot, but to be careful, in the process of moving do not cast shadows on the object.

NO.5 The correct use of background.

Choosing a good background is very important for you to create a successful piece of work. The selection of the background is best to be simple but beautiful, so it will not have a great impact on the object you have taken. A plain wall or a large white or plain paper is a good choice. Need to carefully consider if background to choose the kind of bearing, you want a neutral background, still need and real phase matching color background. For some of the relatively small, it is possible to use a background, you can use a substrate to replace, such as black velvet will be a good choice, because it can absorb light, so that the substrate appears to be pure black.

No.6 The combination of shooting elements.

A variety of creative elements in combination to take a picture of a unique exquisite still life photography work is very important. With the three rules, you should consider how to make your work the best combination of elements. Make sure that there is no element that can distract attention from the image, and only the subject and the background. Try to use some creative thinking to change the composition of various elements to shoot. Where do you want the audience to focus on, there is no possibility to try to fill the screen? What is the most significant feature of the subject you have taken? When you shooting still life photos, try to think about these questions will good for your shooting, and get a good result. Why not start to take some beautiful photos now, and you can transfer them onto canvas prints which will be very nice to hang on your wall.
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NO.7 Long time repeated shooting.

The purpose of the film determines the mood of the work. So if you just have to take a photo of yourself, you will be able to make sure that you are able to make sure that you have a good reduction in what you want to express. Do things aimlessly is certainly not a good habit, but for photography, it may actually be good. Because you need enough time to finish your work. And the scenery photography is different, the light will not change very quickly; and the person is also different, you can’t shoot the object will be more and more boring, it has been this way will not have any change. These are the advantages of still life photography, you can will your shooting object, light, background and the camera are well fixed to shoot a few photos, then change them to shoot. If you feel not good, you can go away for a moment, and then take a cup of coffee and then go back and take it. There is no reason to still photography does not rule out the clear picture, because you have enough time to adjust the lighting and focus. If you have a macro lens, that is again good however, if not, try and choose your camera macro mode, this can allow you to better capture your object details.

NO.8 Through masterwork to Inspire your inspiration.

If you struggle to light, combination and the composition of a picture, maybe you need some inspiration. Inspiration is a good way to look at the master works of still life many years ago. Access to the Internet to find the Renaissance still works of art, carefully observe the individual elements of the works. Studying these works will help you think better composition, shadow and color of the integrated use of. Hope these can give you inspiration, let you can shoot out more excellent works.

It is time for you to try. Set up your camera, decorate your background well, by the window for the right spot, and then start shooting. Once you have mastered the basic experiment, can change the camera Angle and lighting, or using some variable light source to do some experiments. Aperture is also a link, the creative use of f / 1.8 prime lens can get special fixed focus background of artistic effect. Still life photography is not only the fruits and flowers. So, look for a unique charming object as a start.

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