good photos in strong sunlight

How to shoot good photos in strong sunlight

How to shoot good photos in strong sunlight

After early spring, it is now time to meet the vibrant summer! Blue sky days will always stir up everyone’s desire to shoot, although many people think that pictures do not need any skills in the sunny day, in fact, rectangle image canvas prints to shoot good photos, still need some preparation, the following to share with you in strong sunlight camera tips:

Equipment selection: a different focal length lens to shoot different effects

To shoot good pictures, first decided to shoot the subject, square canvas photo prints and then select the appropriate equipment, no one in this world or the camera lens faces up to all your needs.
Wide-angle (28mm or less focal length) lens is a lot like shooting landscapes per capita use of the lens, if you are shooting large buildings, the use of wide-angle lens at a closer distance, able to shoot the more stunning visual effects. Another example is because you go to a suburb, to take complete Greenwood vast, but space is inadequate shot, wide-angle lens can also play its role.

However, wide-angle lens is not a panacea, when you take the local background clutter, you can easily take a lot of unnecessary, and even affect the perception of the elements, influence the composition of the photo, this time you might need for a longer focal length (eg 50mm -100mm), highlight the subject you are shooting.

High contrast daylight conditions under gray gradient filter shooting landscapes, you have not tried, obviously naked eye sky is blue, clouds are white, the whole landscape a glance is the ‘postcard’ class, but you take out is another one thing, may be blank misty day, it may be in the photo, or people building overcast and the like.
In fact, this is related to the sun and the brightness difference prospects much of a problem, since the sun (sky) too much light than foreground, so the camera’s exposure meter can properly take the sky to shoot less than prospects, and vice versa. Use gradient filters when shooting as, it is one of the ways to solve this problem.
The so-called gray gradient, in fact, an upper half of the dimmer, the lower part of transparent special filters. In use, we filtered on the camera lens before, let’s partially obscured by dimming the sun and sky, and transparent part is covered with prospects. Such differences in brightness of the sun and the prospects will be narrowed, and the camera will be able to shoot at the same time, both in the photo.
Sunrise and sunset, if not took such a great difference between the light of the situation, in general, can make the sky more blue sky shot out beautiful!

Choose a different duration of sunshine shooting

The sun grows in the east, west down, we know that man was a natural phenomenon, so long as we calculate the azimuth, you can probably know at what time the sun appeared in what position to help us accurately patterned!
In addition, if shooting a portrait, we will avoid a lot of time shooting at noon when the parts, since the position of the sun will fall on our heads (just above), the light is ‘hard’, made out of strong shadow shoot out feeling not natural, even if the local system is also difficult to handle after a strong shadow.
So, you can try a little earlier (before 10:00), or a little later (after 3:00), the position of the sun fell on the right and left, for the body to fight a little sidelight, shoot out the effect will be more natural. And if you are eligible amount of clouds, as is the nature of the diffuser, will completely eliminate shadows on the face, better effect of making them.
Of course, the shadow of a strong or weak or not will depend on you want to shoot video material and create the effect, first try different combinations, and then find your own favorite photo style now!

The concept of composition and framing

Photography develops from this. Many photographers have basic rules for your reference, what golden or ‘well’ word composition, casual search online readers can find a bunch. Follow these codes in addition to shooting, we should understand what they want to shoot, to bring out what the message or feeling, go decide what focal length lens, thereby determining the distance and viewing angle under which one, how to shoot a photo, and then think about these composition skills.

Because if your equipment (such as the lens focal length) is limited, you are not able to remedy purely composition. Therefore, we should first understand the different focal lengths of the lens allows you to shoot kind of perspective, or when you take a different focal length lens to shoot an object size, you need to go more near or far, a lot of practice and familiar with them, the processing time will be patterned more handy.

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