How to shoot beautiful lover photo

How to shoot beautiful lover photo

How to shoot beautiful lover photo

Lovers taking pictures together is a romantic fun, not only to commemorate the love of two people, let the sweet forever, you can also share the joy of love with family and friends. What kind of posture, however, what pose can be both natural and do not break aesthetic feeling, also could put the romantic atmosphere of the present balance just right? The following are practical tips for your reference.

Take pictures of the couple nature is little not embrace POSE, if afraid at first in the face of the lens is not natural, can let lovers in embracing this very basic posture, let lovers can get a little change in position and more photo.

Bright and beautiful
Right amount into the bright color in the picture is another kind of style, later when can properly reduce the saturation of too bright-coloured color piece, slightly improve the brightness of the picture, make your own little and pure and fresh. Special clothing between couples can increase the fun.

How to shoot beautiful lover photo

The environment
In the scene to allow, can be as much as possible to expand background and environment can be in the picture reproduction captured moments. Shooting lovers in the background ornament flowers dazzling effect. Do remember: don’t be afraid to add background in the picture.

Key elements of the details are decided to photograph levels, selective outstanding they get richer. They are widespread in every corner of the picture: clothing, crease, pickup, walls, water, tree branches, meaningless action, the moment of eye contact, or is only belonging to both of you.

The focal length
Play the power of telephoto lens can be closer to get a bit full of images, and show the character charm. Using the telephoto lens can blur the background, showing a jade bokeh beauty. Medium and wide Angle can be used to shoot a bust of the characters, felt, better performance of the graceful posture. Wide angle lens distortion can make the model’s figure performance is more slender.

Space and detail, is to determine the key elements of photo level. Good paintings always feel in depth of the space, to this point, like photography, you certainly don’t want to own the picture is black and white. And space is not necessarily want to be in big can be reflected in the scene, remember, every photo shooting is to consider the expression of space, this film lovers to vivid rise.

Good fabric must have a good sense of texture, photos are the same. Although the texture of the picture is not touched by hand, but as a photographer, you have the eyes must be able to feel the texture, the texture is not just the details scene visual performance of these factors. We see good photos when shooting is by no means a photographer overnight or ez results, from preparation to the spot to the late correction, is the middle of each step determines the image of the final quality. So the result of the photography is the sum of the superposition of each step, emphasize this point is just hope everyone in preparation, shooting and later can pay attention to the mastery of texture, so as to develop their own pictures, but the taste is often anyone can’t instead of your own.

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