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How to shoot a group photo

How to shoot a group photo

Photography in our everyday activities, often will encounter many people shooting group, canvas prints especially the students’ graduation photos, the meeting on behalf of the group photo, and so on. Therefore, mastering the group photography skill is very necessary. Someone will think group compared with the ordinary people, don’t need any art and skill. Actually otherwise, a great canvas prints group than normal usually portrait photography is much too complicated.

digital printing

digital printing

First is the choice of lens, equipped with a 28 mm or 33 mm wide Angle lens is necessary. Because of the wide Angle lens Angle is large, the photographer can in the limited space, need not too far back can the income subject in the viewfinder, this to is limited by certain conditions, does not allow back too far view’s case is very important.

70-135 mm medium focal length lens can also be used. Photo if the number is not much, and have the conditions back, medium lens can reflect the advantage that is with wide Angle compared to take photos, take it out of images without deformation can also highlight the characters, along with the background.

In fact, the most suitable photo shoot canvas prints pictures of lens is between the wide Angle lens and the standard between the upper lens, it can cope with dozens of photographs, deformation also need not too far back, and have a satisfactory depth of field. Good analytical ability, of course, good quality zoom lens, and high-definition, flexible and natural pose no problem. If the quality of the middle and lower zoom lens, analyze the force and resolution for many people, the photo of effect won’t be satisfactory.

To take photo exposure should first consideration is to adopt what kind of combination, in order to meet the characters clear purpose. If it is a handheld camera, it is the standard lens or wide Angle lens, the shutter speed is good, not less than 1/60 of a second. If conditions do not allow light, can slow down to 1/30 of a second, 1/15 of a second, so you can’t holding a camera, must put the camera on the tripod, can not put any slow shutter speed over 1/15 of a second, it is because even if the camera does not move, but no one can guarantee be as many people no one around, the blink of an eye. Portrait photo if it is outside, under normal circumstances is to adopt suitable or 45 ° side light, is the side light can cause projection in the face.

A dozens of people, the photo of hundreds of people is more, with the camera began to a distance of several meters or more, a photo requirements reflect every participants clearly, then the focus should be transferred in what place? Someone put focal adjustment in the middle row, this method is not very reliable, dropping rate high, there will be some not clear, the best way is to use the super lens focal length or area, always can get beyond a certain distance, and make clear any not focus on the object. The method is to use the lens depth of field scale. Set the first aperture to the value on the right side of the lens focused on infinity symbol, and the aperture on the left side of the corresponding to the distance, that is to say from a distance to infinity, can make clear. In general, the focus in front of a clear range than the clear focus after short, when the photo shoot, can turn the focus on the slightly the front rows, can also ensure that all figures are clear.

In photo shooting dozens or hundreds of large, in addition to the composition and exposure, scheduling is also an important part of the problem. Usually put the tall man in the middle, short arranged in the front, the people behind the best a head position higher than the front row. In addition, to make a few pieces of canvas prints pictures, choose the best.

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