make your photo different cuisine

How to make your photo different cuisine

How to make your photo different cuisine

‘You can eat it? ‘ ‘I put it to take pictures! ‘ Do not know when to start. Gourmet image replaces Jack became circle of friends and microbiology scraper object. On social networks, cheap canvas prints online we can often see a lot of good photos taken by some friends to share some food lovers, some dishes exquisitely designed, and some mouth-watering dishes.
However, his photographs often do not look good food photographer, panoramic canvas prints often flash in reflective surfaces cutlery, ceramics products, such as the formation of bright spots, but had to use in low light and high ISO photos will appear many annoying noise, nor when coupled with the composition. Therefore, our cuisine is illuminated circle of friends is ‘sun drying more healthy’ type, even if other people read.
We might as well put down a bit casual, learn the recipe photography tips to keep your food photos become friends are a cause of energy, rather than operating ‘set – do not look at him (her) circle of friends’ reasons.
Photos must make people appetite
With the development of social networks, photo sharing has become a major purpose of filming. Some people are not professional photographers, there is no specialized photography tool, just happened today, eating a delicious dish to eat, want to share. Furthermore, the popularity of smart phones, cell phone cameras plus late retouching software has been developed very good.
Food photography can be very complex. It can also be very simple. But, you know the food cannot make ugly beauty. People can not produce appetite. Food this thing, in fact, like people, if natural beauty, even if the United States can readily capture a blind. In the selection of objects of food taken, as far as possible selection of nice appearance, colorful ingredients, does everything through a pat.
Do not let your food be taken basic models
Food is supposed to be decorated, the girls just need to make the same reason. Some embellishment of food, although only assume the role of green leaves, but will give increase image color and layering. Cook their own food, we can add a little red pepper silk, with little or parsley sauce in a pan, it would seem to be make mediocre food, shot up full of temptation. At the same time. People also know how Petty! This means 13 a success!
Macro shooting style: Cost-killer
Want loaded to force, but only a fool or a mobile phone camera cannot shoot photos of a large aperture dish we supposed to do? In fact, some mobile phone software or shoot cameras has a particularly simple and easy to use features – Macro. This feature allows the picture most appealing part of the food clearly shown.
Phone, fool the camera in terms of clarity and sharpness of the recognition and the high-end SLR cameras get a big gap, but the macro function can narrow this gap as much as possible. Therefore, we must take good use of the macro function together, Macro Focus. Clarity crummy place many times as much as a good camera.
Food shooting angle problem should pay attention!
Self-sister paper was inclined at 45 degrees with the head-Self. That is the beauty with Pankang does. In fact, the food is the same ones. Food shooting also has their own golden angle. If you always want to shoot level or shape of the food, you can shoot using 0 degrees, that is parallel to shoot foods, such as bread or shoot Lasagne. In addition, 90-degree vertical shooting food is also very effective, the whole picture when it was taken the food can use.

Accessories with food affect food quality photo shoot
objects can often affect the whole picture of style, especially when shooting food, icing on the cake can play a magical trail of shooting scenes with time, creating a wonderful atmosphere. Class home such as dishes, background with chic tableware spoon. Takes small items of decoration Code. Raw materials and food to eat together with a dip dish also can be used with good stuff.
The key lies in contrast with the background and culture of food, so do not rigidly adhere to dogma, to ensure that the overall picture style harmony, the audience can correctly understand the creative thoughts and ideas reflected in it.

The best light is always natural light
Portrait photography, photography techniques do not fly, then, after open the flash, it will shine like a man saw the light, like a vampire, but also refused to flash when shooting food. Photography is the art of light. The best light is always natural light.
Today, more emphasis on style restaurant is becoming ever more very dark, these pictures belong to the location of the area. Therefore, as far as possible when shooting chooses a window seat, or daring to go outside, because the use of natural light is the best choice when taking pictures of food. Cis-light shooting foods seem naughty, more like a bright angel food industry, great texture color; there will be some stiff backlit, like the little devil, but to spend a tiny torch light reflective and beautiful. Try to borrow through the gauzy curtains shone scattering soft, it will make food look beautiful.
If you really use a flash, you can choose from the barbecue, it will increase your level of meat there, make the picture even more beautiful.

Geometry is a food composition according to the focus
Composition food photography. In a word is to let the mind graphic. Square, diamond, triangle, oval, half …… in short, must have graphics. Parents who love photography, though you tortured Jun mathematics, but in time to capture food, be sure to have a patterned geometric patterns to be kind of data via Oh!

Find a suitable own retouching software
Superb cuisine works often focus on the subject from the background. The broken off, you have to shoot emphasize food. However, our phones often cannot shoot the depth of field effect. This time retouching software working. In addition, some retouching software filter functions give you extra points gourmet image. I think there is also a lot of app for your phone to download. Retouching software has a lot. Looking for the key to one or two of their own. Otherwise, it will only be useless.

Let your emotions to mobilize creative photography
With the development of social networks, a simple heartfelt love shared already sour. More and more people pay greater attention to their popularity of social networking sites. If you just for vanity to show them their dinner tonight, but not from the recognition of the yummy food inside, then your photo food only ‘gourmet’ word only. Therefore, do not act numb the photographer, but has become an emotionally charged sharer with emotional press the shutter, to share your feelings with food photography creative it!

Norway Female photographer Ida Skivenes cuisine inspired by photography, decided to try his inventive cuisine photography. So she used a different color as the background plate, it will be given to a variety of ingredients, composition depicting interesting picture, then filmed using a mobile phone and share on Instagram. Of course, most of her works are mainly to breakfast, to eat such a delectable and delightful breakfast, presumably a day is not bad mood.

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