How to make you feel more photographs

How to make you feel more photographs

Many early contact with portraits of friends, and will put most of the thoughts and focus on technical shot above. Such as composition, lighting, cheap canvas prints online model’s pose and so on …… of course, to master basic skills and proficiency is necessary. But when we mastered the basic techniques then, how to enhance their shooting techniques it?

We often say that a picture is very ‘Feel (feeling),’ in fact refers to the strong sense of atmosphere of the screen, with a sense of plot, story sense, frozen moment, canvas prints australia online passing the atmosphere. Next, let the author to share some experience, those who have ‘Feel’ photos on how to shoot.

First, determine the subject
Whether shooting off sheet or subjective creation, a clear theme of the film is very necessary, especially portraits. Themes can be derived from a moment of inspiration outbreak photographer, the photographer can also be derived from the character, or catch a movie, a song, a memory picture and atmosphere. In a clear theme of the premise, photographers and models to discuss joint communication, panaromic metal prints and to figurative images, the formation of both parties can understand theme of the film.

Second, the clothing and equipment ready
Before shooting, scene selection and select clothing is also very important, costume and scene directly affect the expression of emotion and atmosphere rendering the whole theme, so the costumes and scenes to meet the theme.
Coats, scarves, dresses, etc. These common clothing, can help reflect the mood. For example: Select to amusement park to the shooting scene, then you need to choose the clothing off the full sense of joy and bright colors, cheerful atmosphere and scenes in order to conform; and the old streets or alleys of the old shooting scene, you can choose to dress, dress and so on somewhat style clothes with retro scene integration.

As for equipment, I used to use Canon EOS5Ds body and EF 50mm f / 1.4 USM. Canon EOS 5DS half-million pixels of extremely good quality, but also to the image has been cropped to leave more space and possibilities. The large aperture prime lens particularly suitable for shooting portraits and sharpness, especially 50mm, shooting portraits, it is considered a basic standard – up.

Third, situational substitution and guide shooting
Shooting the beginning stages, early communication and began to have an effect on the reference, and some subjects may not shooting experience, unfamiliar photographers and strange environment, it is inevitable there will be some loss, this time need Photographer there are more professional communication skills, the need for a certain model guidance. But blindly command action, command arrangements will only make the model more tense posture seemed more contrived. It suggested that the first thing you might as well do a quiet recorder, a portrait photography is to record who was shot a short life. In this short life, you can choose to let him face the camera smiling, got up and walked a few steps, you can also choose to let him continue his busy, you sidelines shorthand. You just build a good picture in the frame 3 * 2, the organization good light. Second, you can share it with the subject’s an interesting topic, you can shoot the same way as chat, share a true and sincere to each other. The photographer will be that curious and enthusiastic questioner, along with the deepening of the topic, to record those quasi ephemeral it look wonderful.

I shoot on the map when he took out a cell phone to be photographed to see the pre-prepared reference map, and then to share a little story about love with her, she started to feel manipulation in the conversation themselves in situations among fiction a role-playing, to be photographed one kind of sense of substitution. Also note that the combination of the surrounding environment, the street lights dim, the crowd hurried, or even a song or a piece of text can make the model more quickly enter the state.

Fourth, the magical light and composition
Light and composition, is photography two very important aspects. Light photography is the soul of the most essential elements of photography. The composition is directly related to how to select and shoot selected object, a good photograph can make the viewer’s eyes did not hesitate to subject the first time noticed shot. Before each press the shutter, these two factors should be carefully considered, and through a lot of shooting exercises in context.

Live utilize natural light or artificial light, you can make an ordinary photograph is no longer common. Feel good photographer will go in the direction of light and shadow, texture and other factors, and will take advantage of the various periods of light. Morning and afternoon is more moderate oblique light, the light that period than the contrast is small, with warm and uniform color, can bring out the very atmosphere of light and shadow rendering power. About two hours around midday top light contrast too much, did not shoot out usually dark detail, highlights a dead white, except for special theme calender is usually recommended to avoid such a period.

Note that the above principles in the light of the basis, if at the same time and then use the camera’s color temperature function can adjust the white balance that effect will be better. For example generally sunny, I will set the color temperature at 4700K ~ 5200K and down, which is probably close to the naked eye can see the actual color temperature of white balance, but this image it is more boring, so I will slightly increase to about 5500 ~ 6000K of color temperature setting, which can be rendered more warm colors. If you want to show the feeling of cold tone, it will reduce the number of K color temperature to 4500K or less.
Shooting portraits patterning techniques are many, triangular composition stable atmosphere, simple and elegant horizontal composition, frame composition prominent theme, intriguing. To observe the shooting, a combination of different scenarios, choose a different composition methods. Sometimes in order to highlight the sense of the story of the picture will be more choices patterning method using a shallow depth of field. Want to get shallow depth of field, so bokeh, the most convenient way is to figure in the subject and the background distance remain unchanged, so that the camera is close to the model so that you can easily get a shallow depth of field effect is more prominent figures, background Natural blur make the photo a sense of picture enhancement. And when shooting should be noted that the prospect avoid messy scene, because in the close-up shots, the foreground picture will very clear.

Using props five scene contrast ambience
To have a plot to shoot photos, ambience is very important. When shooting in different environments, there will always be unexpected props and scenes, if fit the theme of the film, let the environment more interactive model with some enhancements story reproduction. Empty seats, rain streets, all heighten the atmosphere of the weapon.
Excellent portrait photography, you can see the characters emotions on the screen, each a separate photo out, they seem to have been intercepted movie screen, it is interesting. So, we usually still going to see more films, more thinking, and often went to take pictures, to improve their ability to shoot in the shooting.

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