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How to become a good photographer

How to become a good photographer
‘What is photography? ‘ This appears to be a common theme, but every photographer in the learning process will inevitably encounter questions, but you find the answer? Or without, may wish to listen to the photographer Zhang Yong talk about photography in his mind, he might be able to confuse you find some definite direction.

After walking away from a very slow start
Viktor Kolar Czech documentary photographer a lot of weight. Taiwan photographer Chang Yong is his apprentice. Zhang Yong said he had never seen Viktor Kolar actual shooting, while Viktor Kolar have never taught Zhang Yong and photographic skills. Mentoring them when they meet to talk about the philosophy of photography and photographers right attitude. people in the pre-photographic equipment focused culture of life, teaching them photography this way, it will feel strange, even feel this school is to learn photography. Viktor Kolar told Zhang Yong said: ‘Photography is not the most important thing the most important is your relationship with those people, how to maintain a respect for how those with new friends, and go and enjoy the process technology on your own to learn it. . ‘

Zhang Yong lived in Prague since 2003, he was higher than a decade in the Balkans from Prague to the northern end of a small country Slovenia, perennial real photography and profound writing, a record is ignored mainstream socially marginalized people. These years in Taiwan have published four photo collections, more and more people know him, but also pay more attention to his work. Title of his recently published collection of photography is very special ‘To be a photographer, you have to walk away from a very slow start, ‘ the title single is already shaking the minds of many people. Last year, Zhang Yong on Bowie’s interview program, in addition to the content people recognized Zhang Yong was a kind of person, also a matter of ‘What is photography? ‘ The question brought a lot of new and old space to think.

Everything must first learn life
Some people would want to play on behalf of Shaoshao known, obviously not content and expected, but like others to his fame and glory, self-righteous. Zhang Yong hate is called ‘artists’, because he thought these three words with a kind of symbol of class identity. ‘In fact, taking pictures are not the most important thing. You might ask yourself that you have something to do a more professional, even better photographer? Or do an even better person? I would choose to do an even better person. ‘ How choice is often a key determinant of people has much success. Not difficult to imagine, I do understand how a man of the people, how can it be a good photographer? The most vital truths that everyone should know, everything should first learn to do talent Yes.

Since the camera unique design, press the shutter sounds and movements in fact, not too good. We’ll call it Shooting. Nonetheless, Zhang Yong is concerned, he will be more romantic words to express: ‘I think that every time you press the shutter, it was a hug you see a picture, a moment, you feel your heart pounding, you press. This action shutter. Basically you go to embrace the moment. I hope I can do be shoot will feel I was hugging them. I care about is that, after the change in the relationship before the picture with, and was shot between the, I think that is a must have excellent care. ‘He believes the photographer to keep gratitude to the people being photographed, because without them, you can only take a nobody scene.

Press the shutter intentions
Modern smart phones and digital cameras are very common, everyone can be a photographer. Zhang Yong had such a response to this phenomenon: ‘Now a lot of people in photography. We regard there is great opportunity to take a photo look too important. ‘ For him, people will always be more important than photography, ‘ I think the emergence of the camera, the lens should be to let people on both sides, more intimate relationship, understand each other, know each other all sorts, and should not be more alienated ……. photo is not the most important thing, but your relationship that my attitude is, I’m not going to take pictures, but rather to meet with friends. ‘In his experience, sometimes you see some photographers work to open their photography backpack with a lot of equipment, but forgot to bring the most important, it is the ‘heart. ‘ Zhang Yong said: ‘I often said to myself: you put your heart with it …… you look at the photographs, that thing cannot fool people, is the lens is one thing, the camera is a return? Thing, but I think it is the sincerity of it. And for what you shot? Shoot you in the moment, your relationship with those people all sorts. ‘

Photography is no shortcut
Many people will say that photography is its own thing. Zhang Yong also agree with this point, he said: ‘You are two people to take pictures, you with another yourself ……. have a lot to reflect on things will come out you will find that you recognize that they are a thing will make you addicted. You will find that you open a door after door behind there is another one, you go to a lot of inside the house, it is always open endless doors. Sometimes when you open the door accidentally stumbled that you will fall instep, or pat, get up. ‘

On how people can eat deep, he uses a metaphor: ‘I want you look deep, I put my camera on between your skin with your shirt …… photographer’s skill, there is no shortcut, you have to take the time. Do not ever let your tools to control you. ‘

I feel after
Zhang Yong from this interview, so I understand what the photographer hid inside, a photo will be showing what is true. But in a society where instant success. How many photographers are willing practitioners of ‘internal strength’ mean? Although Huaquanxiutui can feel very good at first glance very much, but when people look again carefully point, you will find skin deep, there is no appeal. In addition, I am particularly impressed by Zhang Yong Viktor Kolar mentioned his master gave him a talk: ‘Photography is not the most important thing the most important is your relationship with those people, how to maintain a respect for how those with new friends together to enjoy the process. Technical learn it on your own. ‘

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