seven practical tips

Group photo shoot of seven practical tips

Group photo shoot of seven practical tips

Life most often taken, but the most underrated photography theme is the group photo,  cheap canvas prints online in particular, the number of ten or even a hundred or more, most people are simply looking at the blink of an eye they have not, but ignored a good group photo, absolutely have to difficult to believe that this is very experienced photographers understand. Photographer Karen Quist’s share from seven focusses better so that we take a great photo!
Group photo shoot of seven practical tips

(A) carefully choose the location

Although a lot of time to shoot a group photo is beyond our control, a lot of restrictions, but if you can, or as careful site selection. Because the big photo itself is a mix of many faces, so many different costumes, the background to be as succinct as possible.

In general, the garden, the beach and the natural landscape like the color, split image canvas prints and the subject does not have too much conflict, simple rural style, you may choose wood fences, scaffolding and the like, if it is urban style, you can find simple walls, or simple, traditional or modern buildings.

(B) Note that the light

When shooting outdoors, as far as possible choose the morning or in the afternoon, the sun warm softer when to shoot; if you have to shoot at noon parts, you must avoid uneven light, so if you have taken the position of shade trees or buildings shadows, we must be careful to avoid even the process. (Average light of this, a group photo in the room is also applicable)

(Iii) use a tripod

If only a few people in the photo shoot, no tripod not a massive problem, do not even have to walk and thus limiting creativity. But the photo shoot one hundred people’s congresses, the tripod is actually very important, because you must be in the same position, to take multiple shots quickly, because you need a good chance in post, dispose blink other issues, in order to obtain a ‘perfect group photo ‘of.

Group photo shoot of seven practical tips

(Iv) setting the lens

What would you use a focal length lens on it? Photographer recommend at least 50mm or longer, in order to avoid image distortion, as if taken with a wide-angle lens, the edge positions will become more ‘fat’ people this will not be the desired effect, so stand back with 50mm aperture is adjusted to f / 9 or finer, in order to maintain the depth of field. As reserved a little more space, so that photos can be cropped, but also wise.

Look at, if the lens is too long, photographers stand too far, it may be difficult to command ah; of course shoot space is intense enough, also we need to consider.

(E) processing height

I believe this is the group photo of people filmed, have faced the problem of how to arrange a bit rate, so that each person’s face are exposed, it is a very troublesome. For example, the school will allow students to step tiered stand, to chair the general workplace may divided into three layers, the last row on the station, the row on chairs, sat in the front row like the underground (it is usually a child). These have to be taken before it re- conceived.

Another way is to identify a photographer himself commanding height, from the top down shoot, for example, a terrace, a ladder or standing on a chair or the like.

(Vi) grooming

Yes, it is called the person being photographed grooming, so they check each other, to see the face and clothes, and especially hair, nose, teeth, eyebrows, make-up and the like, or the photographer will take over more unnecessary time to the late deal with, had three minutes grooming problems can be solved.

(Vii) rapid shooting

When the masses a good station, you first take a quick test shot to ensure that the exposure, focus and depth of field is the ideal state, and then let everyone close your eyes and count to three on opening the eyes, and quickly burst multiple, repeat a few times, so make sure you get the ideal final group photo.

When you’re through, just to carry out other creative pictured it.

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