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Five Kinds of Sports Suit for Women Who Are Ready for Pregnancy

Five Kinds of Sports Suit for Women Who Are Ready for Pregnancy
Many expectant mothers during pregnancy the body will have some changes, take some photo of pregnancy to record the beautiful memory, and transfer them onto canvas prints to hang on your wall is a meaningful thing. In order to prevent late obese women in the preparation of pre pregnancy should do exercise, do some good exercise can not only to increase the chances of pregnancy but also exercise the body, so why not? Proper exercise is good for pregnancy and during pregnancy, postpartum, but should pay attention to exercise cannot be excessive, otherwise cause harm to the body more than good.
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No. 1 Go for a walk.

Walking is a sport for anyone, take a walk as far as possible choose environment with fresh air. Don’t go too fast, also don’t have to walk a long time. Start to slow down, don’t go too fast, to avoid too big or shock to the body fatigue. Don’t wear high heel shoes when walking, it’s best to wear soft bottom shoes. Adhere to the best every day for a walk for a while.
No. 2 Jogging or brisk walking.

Appropriate weight helps to conception, jogging or brisk walk can consume more energy than take a walk, burning excess body fat. Before exercise, dress up loose comfortable clothes, if there is an uncomfortable can stop to have a rest, according to your own physical condition to adjust jogging time, should not be tired. Like to go for a walk, please also in environment with fresh air.
No. 3 Swimming

Swimming is a very good exercise, it can increase the strength of the support, improve endurance and flexibility. Swimming can increase the heart and lung function, but also improve the mood, helps to maintain a good state of mind during pregnancy. Need to pay attention to is that the exercise time cannot be too long, the water cannot be too cold, otherwise it will cause muscle cramps
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No.4 Yoga

Yoga can enhance the physical and muscle tension, enhance the body’s ability to balance, improve the flexibility and flexibility of the entire muscle tissue. At the same time, yoga can also stimulate the secretion of hormones secreted by the gland, accelerate blood circulation, can help prepare pregnant women a good grasp of respiratory control methods, it is conducive to future delivery.
No. 5 Pilates

Pilates is simple and easy to learn, can have a purpose to exercise the arm, chest and shoulder, while increasing the flexibility of the body, it is very suitable for the preparation of exercise during pregnancy. Pilates on the waist and abdomen of the exercise is very clear, strong waist and abdomen muscle for women in pregnancy, production, post natal have a very important help. Moreover, the sport is not limited by the activity of the place, whether in the professional gym or home living room, bedroom, can be practiced.

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