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Famous Attraction in New South Wales

Today, let us read some introduction about famous tourist attractions in New South Wales. It is worth to spend some time to read the article.

Circular quay is located between the Harbour bridge and the Sydney Opera House Bay , it is the main wharf of ferry and sightseeing boat, and is one of the busiest tourist traffic.

The Rocks is located in the west side of Circular Quay, it is the first European landing point and birthplace, and is the old city of Sydney. The Rock has a strong European culture atmosphere, and is also a living museum which reflect the style of local people”. This is one of the most prosperous commercial center of Sydney District, there are all kinds of restaurants, Coffee hall, shops, boutiques and weekend large price market, it is a place that the tourists must will come to .

Art Gallery of New South Wales was founded in 1871, it was the places that the NSW Arts Institute use to teach painting and carving. In 1874, it was the first time that the NSW government funding to build art museum , after several changes, expansion,the Art Gallery of European architecture style was finally completed in 1972. The Art Gallery is located in Sydney downtown area, and only a few minutes away from Sydney Opera House, there have beautiful environment, unique building, rich collections in the Gallery. It can be divided into the Australianart department, Aboriginal art department, Asian Art Department, International art department, contemporary art and photography department.

Taronga Zoo is located in the north shore of Sydney Port, it just need about 20 minutes by car from Taronga Zoo To the central business district of Sydney city, or you can take a ship from circular quay. In October ,1916, Taronga Zoo have got approved by the NSW government that can be formally established, it cover an area of 29 hectares. There have all kinds of animal about 2400 species in the zoo, including kangaroos, koalas, the platypus, dingo, Tasmanian devils, Australian birds etc, The Zoo enjoy a reputation as “the most beautiful zoo in the world”

Do you like it? Are you surprised by the beautiful natural scenery ? Do not hesitated, ask your friends to travel to the beautiful places together. and then take some photo with the amazing scenery, and then make the photo printed into canvas painting, I think it is a best gift to your friends or relatives.

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