make photography more great

Emotions can make photography more great

Emotions can make photography more great
In the process of learning photography, we continue to research equipment, canvas prints continue to study composition. Light …… slowly continue to study our photography effortless. However, the total number of beauty that works like a vase, there is only appearance, no substantive meaning. Photographic study reached a bottleneck position. He has been unable to go to a higher-order forward and feel confused.

Emotion is the key to good and bad photography
Faced with a loss, I cannot help but ask ourselves: What is our work back? In fact, our work is the absence of rich emotions. Colorful flowers, people have emotions. Mood, drink coaster has the nature of human life is the most basic tone. But people are not the same. There are also a wide variety of emotional expressions. For this reason, if your photographs with your mood, you can decide whether you work on a higher level.

Photography is in the shooting, not the camera
In many cases, you will marvel at the composition of these works, light clever, why the author’s imagination is so vivid. In fact, when you take what kind of mood, what kind of imagination and work. Emotional photographer photographic work is their inner true feelings, when you see everything in front of the scene in front of all that your heart and take care of each other. Since the heart of different emotions, shooting the same scene will be very different.
Therefore, photographs always start our emotions, not the camera takes a picture, but our people in the shooting. Successful photograph will be revealed, or hidden under ideological one particular time or situation photographers flashed subjective emotions.

Look too ‘nice’ to see the works of the author’s heart
Photographic process, can be regarded as the photographer to release their emotional process. Through the aperture, adjust shutter and later Photoshop and other software patches. Many people will praise your works: ‘you work too beautiful. ‘ However, the work was too beautiful, it is a cover-up that cannot express the photographer feelings. Just like a dish, both fragrant color, but the taste is not good, it will not give you leave a pleasant impression. Photography, too, should pay heed to content. And appropriate expression of emotions determines the quality of work.

Emotional photographs reflect your mood
All photos with a story, a story was full of emotion.
Shooting is not entirely techniques of photography. Photography is a reflection of their own emotions, if the photographer not a sensitive and delicate heart, is less than the wider world and understands the mysteries of nature. Watch a man works, his heart will know how big a picture through the picture, we can also see the photographer behind the mind. That is, if you see through the camera is a ‘box’, but hard to understand is a ‘wide. ‘
Your photography, with the audience only through heart to heart communication, in order to become the arts.

Emotional life photography is photography
Unlike mathematics, physics, as long as the formulas and methods, the problem must be addressed. However, different photography, film works, what formulas and methods are not applied can be copied out. In addition to the necessary skills, photography is emotional. Photography with emotions, or joy, or sadness, or thoughts, emotions or hate …… all are passionate expression, emotion by emotion as the spread of the bridge, so that photography is photography of life. Such photographic life, you will not fix it?

Your emotions are unique photography
Law and photography theory helps you more quickly to understand photography. Nonetheless, when your photography skills to a certain extent, the so-called golden rule and law, will become the next level of restriction you think outside the box. Because the essence of photography is the case that the transfer of a specific mood, this mood will grow because everyone’s experience and the experience of life and attitudes vary. The emotions are those laws and theories cannot be nested in.
When we put aside the shackles of prejudice and theory, photographic works once crossed the border purely technical, have been given the expressive color, your emotions photography is unique photographs. Even if someone will shoot the same subject matter with you, but you let your emotions work irreplaceable.

Emotional photography to let viewers know how you feel
Emotional photography is the way to go with a calm photography, perhaps in front of the downtown scene, through the expression of just about everything you shot five aggregates emptiness; holding the mind to see a scene or camera is not its flashy appearance, but his true heart. Photography scene embodies their emotions. But the real mood photography. Your wide range of emotions and other emotions to be reflected in the photograph body. In addition, you have to actually let people see your work. Totally feel this emotion.
Of course, you would think photography is a very emotional ego thing. I can choose big narcissistic. However, although higher than the art of living, but from life. I simply express, but no one understands how you feel. Such sentiment photography is incomplete.

Emotional work is your photography power
Emotion Photography is like a mirror. Reflecting our inner state of mind. In addition, it guides the way we see the self in another world under the lens. During the evening, our heads constantly rotated side to side clap, clap side to side, from thinker to the photographer, and from the photographer to the thinkers. In the twilight, our hearts began to understand, continuous cycle, continuous creation.
In addition, this photography with emotion, more importantly, provides us with the process. Addition photographed by emotional photographs photography can bring enthusiasm. Gives us a steady stream of creative photography.

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