Documentary shooting skills

Documentary shooting skills

Documentary shooting skills

Documentary photography is a record of life reality as the main appeal way of photography, the material comes from life and true, reflects what we see, and therefore, the value of documentary photography recorded and preserved as unique social witnesses qualifies.

First, uunderstanding of documentary photography

Documentary photography is considered to be a very good form, with the help of photography means and techniques of good reaction between man and nature, people and events, the relationship of the people. Photography as an art embodies the literariness and creative possibilities, and documentary photography is also like this. Documentary photography is usually used to represent the people and things of society, we need to use the camera to mining of the objective things, each recorded moments should reflect the author’s opinion, can sometimes sing praise the beauty of life to do well sometimes record can be a critical perspective of the hardships of life, sometimes in response to society in the view of the considerable real scene, and sometimes strong emotions in a very subjective view reaction.

The classification of documentary photography

1) News (the current news photography often arise independently)

(2) The humanities of non-fiction

(3) Landscape of non-fiction

(4) Portrait class

  1. The choice and use of equipment

To shoot a good documentary photography, first of all, to do a better understanding of the hands of the equipment, so as to meet the basic requirements in filming. The author here or recommend as far as possible choose digital SLR camera, Canon 5 diii / 7 dii, for example, are more than 40 points in the cross of focus, so can greatly improve when shooting focus speed and accuracy, we can choose to use cross to focus the center of the focus, the second composition, so that you can quickly finished making. Followed by the collocation of lens, often have been standard zoom lens is enough, like 24-70 – mm, 24-105 – mm, 18-200 – mm focal length of lens can be, sometimes use 24 mm below the lens, but I don’t recommend you use, because the characters in the picture in addition to the center of the barrel distortion after image deformation characters of more severe. When your subject too much, we will also use a telephoto lens, although the scene is not subject to control, but once taken out of the picture effect is good.

Second, the documentary photography skills

  1. The camera Settings

First is to set the camera to shoot, this is very important, because most of documentary photography works, especially characters works, shoot can gain greater success. The author will use three or so commonly shoot, shoot, changing the focal length, this is more of purpose. In the documentary photography in the choice of sensitivity is relatively simple, is to make the iso with shutter, can reach the speed of the clear picture of the shooting.

  1. The theme of the documentary photography

Theme in every kind of photography is one of the most important, and documentary photography is to tell a story with pictures to you, tell a story, an image and story should be relatively simple, too complicated content with a set of photos, pictures of a project, after all, a photograph showing the capacity is limited. In terms of content, the picture of the relationship between the body of the ligand is mutual, ligand more easy to show a larger story, on the other hand is smaller, but the more ligands may interfere with the performance of the main body, the want to be decided according to the expression of theme. Here I share a personal experience, the form, panoramic view, middle, close shot, close-up. Such scenes from the form also should cooperate and panoramic, such ability to picture the story more thoroughly.

  1. Fear the use of the heart

When we just contact the documentary photography, most people are afraid to close to the subject of people or things, this is also a necessary stage. Robert. Capa once said: “if you take is not good enough, Nash because you not close”. But this is not to encourage everyone to blatant, but close shot are more than the experience of the master.

  1. Find different point of view

Unique perspective forever chasing the balance of the composition and content. New perspective can highlight the content of the picture, but a lot of photography people will because the new Angle of view and new perspective, this is a wrong judgment. A good photographer tend to take pictures of a key subject matter a lot, less than ten eight, is a decade or two more copies, only after the basic images shot early, will only some and creative composition, which is gradually cognition of things and to understand the process of gradually.

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