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Capture the most real sentiment of photo

Capture the most real sentiment of photo

On the way of learning photography, we began to research equipment, research skills, slowly increasing thoroughly at home in photo but always feeling can only take pictures the underpants sugar water, has been unable to move to a higher order to myself and feel confused. We lack? It is need to let the canvas prints pictures with emotion. Whether happiness, anger, sorrow and joy, is to give a simple photo, but not simply letting the people in the photo, silly smile or cry, but to really let the person see photos, fully feel the emotion.

The essence of photography is that conveys emotion. After one photography predecessors, in a lecture, published his views, think I described in the lecture the concept of “photos need to have the emotional” too simple, why not make yourself, this paper advanced the methods and skills portraits. But the author thinks that, taking a portrait, not to use skills and methods can be duplicated, portrait photography should be to make the emotion and soul, if we can’t understand it, will be forever in the piaffe.

Mechanics theory is through the research to understand the object, for example, the change of the derived formula, let we can easily calculate the push these changes. Slowly but photography is different, maybe any theory and law of induction of photography is helps us to more quickly understand photography, but not just set into the formula can practice out of the so-called “good work”, because the essence of photography is to deliver a unique feelings, the feelings will grow because everyone’s experience and the experience of life and attitudes. Maybe someone with your frequency, shoot the canvas prints of the mood nearly identical, but always no one can replace you. So when we need to put aside the shackles of barriers and prejudices and how to try to take a photo of the emotion, there are several directions can try to develop.

canvas pop art

Let the protagonist in the photo nature. In addition to the models of personality with the dress will be subtle effects photo mood, if photographs of the human body or face is too stiff will greatly affect the photos convey the emotion strength. For example, we came to kenting, boundless vast, blue sky, white clouds, the sea level is so obvious, is to let a person relaxed and happy, if we want to take a picture can convey from multifarious thoughts, but the man in the photo, smile if you are stiff to no, integral collocation, the transfer of power is much weaker. If model personality does not accord with the theme, maybe we can change their minds go down another kind of feeling, but if this is not what we want, that just need a little more patience, try to model relax and eventually photos can be naturally return to your original set by atmosphere.

To understand the factors that affect photo mood. “Emotion” is not necessarily the feelings, may be a mood, a feeling, can also be a state of mind or touched a moment. Let the canvas prints pictures have emotions, first of all we have to understand first when shooting the current mood, let the theme. Furthermore, the location of the selected shooting photos will also affect the mood. When we got to the ruins of the wild, or choose shooting night, all because the atmosphere was dark and quiet, easy to photograph emotions into the lows of solitude. Of course this is not absolute, but relatively easy to this direction.

Photography like a mirror, he reflects our inner state of mind. After this we kept shooting, will gradually find it. Founded in small photography class, when a mass of photography class ten go out take pictures together, even if taken at the same location, character, but the classmates brought back from work, have distinct difference: some people are not just pictures of happy, also will get more sweet smile; Some photos look like looking at a distance, a bit shy; Some people show pictures of what seemed to be looking forward to or desire; Some photos seem to hide some unhappy, repressed won’t; Someone even let your emotions go low, endless sorrow with regret.

Skills are not need to chase the goal. If we are too formal, will not find the fun of photography Even if not dazzling and gorgeous techniques, and the composition of fooling, photography still allows us to continuously explore, and find joy and satisfaction, this is what we want to get when you take a photo.

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