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Blue Lake – South Australia Attraction

Blue Lake is located in the South Australia area. It is one of the famous natural landscape in southern Australian, it is located in the southeastern of South Australia’s mountain. During summer, (Australian summer: from November to March) the color of the lake will change the original color from gray to blue, so we called the lake “Blue Lake”. Blue Lake is one of the three lake in South Australia, it overlooks the whole Town, and offer drinking water to all people in the town. There is a large pump station near the Blue Lake , it is mainly used to ensure the water level in the lake is always below the horizontal line city street.

There built a large view platform which can revolve near the edge of Blue Lake, visitors can stand in the view platform to enjoy the beauty panorama scenery of the town, the vast lake, the surrounding rich farmland and the winding coastline that farm from southern area are all amazing. This platform was also called “Wo Wu Long” viewing platform by the local tribe, it is said that have the same meaning of “Blue Lake”, it is also open to visitors every day.

The water of Blue Lake is mainly from rain and groundwater, it is clear and transparent, and it is the main drinking water source of local town. When the visitor appreciated the unique natural landscape of Blue Lake, he can also have a stroll around the town, walking in the streets of the town, taste the flavor snacks, experience the local people’s enthusiasm and simple, it is really a wonderful experience.

Do you surprise by the amazing scenery of Blue Lake? Do you like it? let’s come here for visit, it is worthy to spend your time to stay here for few day. Take some beautiful picture in Blue Lake, and then make it into canvas prints, it is not only can hangs in your room ,and can remind you the wonderful experience in Blue Lake from time to time.

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