Shooting skills of underwater portrait

10 Shooting skills of underwater portrait

10 Shooting skills of underwater portrait

American Underwater Photographer Jenna Martin had in the past taken a lot of underwater portraits, she said that from the beginning she is ‘Underwater photography brain, cheap canvas prints online no matter to see what are thought of it first thing in how water can not put bottom, look for a model when taking pictures, the first question is, ‘sorry, you are good at diving it?.’ Photographer wrote an article to share her experiences shooting portraits in water:
1. To hold an open attitude to new things

In the bottom, all things are not the same, for example, square canvas prints experience gained photographer, hit six times stronger than the light intensity in the land (also depending on the distance and depth of the model), as photographers and models are nearly weightless state , equipped with the clothes it will be difficult to control, so no matter how many years of shooting photographer, first to the bottom, it may feel like a novice, like, what to try from scratch.

2. Do not be cheap to buy underwater equipment

Photographers have bought three different parity waterproofs. It also uses professional-grade waterproof hard shell, shooting the former is not ideal. She said waterproof housing that can not be spared, because when you hand the camera lens worth tens or even hundreds of thousands, a little leakage can have disastrous results, and it is affecting the image quality, so the device is not waterproof, ‘I first play, if you really want to make a serious upgrade before going to the bottom ‘of the project.

She suggested that if you just want to play. It can consider buying or renting GoPro waterproof device, and then look at yourself in the end like it or underwater photography.
3. A clear understanding of the different water quality is not the same

Pool, sea, fresh water are not the same situation, but also the density of water. Such as chlorinated pool, the model’s eyes may not adapt, the sea may be jellyfish and other dangerous creatures, waste, and so she is more fresh water is the recommended place. The swimming pools are also several points, she said she would shoot to the saltwater pool, but not vote chlorinated pool.

4. Multi-use wide-angle lens

Underwater, the closer to the subject, the better, too far away, then the picture may become blurred due to water turbidity. However, it also depends on the shooting content adjustments.

5. Learning submerged in the bottom

Do not take your breath is critical to stay underwater, but let all the air out. The less air the lungs, the less buoyant, it sounds like a very scary, but soon will learn how to understand how to use the limited oxygen, and so do the more time will stay longer. Of course, if you are shooting in the sea, it would have to use diving equipment.

6. Be patient model

Emotes to do under the water is super hard, they cannot breathe but also beautifully photographed, but not able to see the shots do not know what you’re doing / what she wanted to do, so give enough time model habit.

For most models, the photographer will let them practice submerged in the bottom, to teach them to exhale oxygen, as a model that did not sink in the bottom of the problem only after guiding action or expression. Nevertheless, these things you want to say before the water is good, otherwise would not be able to speak underwater.

7. Learning-speed shooting

Even if the water is not cold, but underwater photography is very tame, especially model to do a variety of positions at the bottom, nose and ears with water also is very tired, the photographer will prepare a few bottles of drinking water, and some dry food, in the rest of the time eating. Similarly, when soaked in water for too long, the skin may begin to wrinkle, makeup may also be out… so for the shooting, the sooner the better to get finished.

8. Ideally, a large number of assistants

Underwater shooting can be dangerous, especially a lot of models wearing the cloth skirt, cannot organize their own good, we need other people to help, and have an assistant in the water attendant can ensure everyone fully. Assistant also handle lighting, adjust the equipment and so on, will be more efficient.

9. After the system accepted

When underwater photo or video straight out, hue, etc. will be far from ideal, but sometimes not light or camera problems, but we are in conformity to see the wonderful picture, in fact, after many have made. Such as toner and removal of debris, strange reflection, bubbles, etc., so the system can first try to make the picture changed for the better, before considering the equipment problem.

10. Learn underwater photography takes a lot of lessons

Said the photographer, underwater photography is not easy, physically very hard, time-consuming and very expensive to spend money, just started shooting when she was often sick, eye irritation, tinnitus, took tens of thousands of only two possible satisfactions. Nonetheless, as long as love and continue to practice shooting, will make progress.

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