focus on the four methods

To resolve the night failed to focus on the four methods

To resolve the night failed to focus on the four methods

If you have shot night scenes, you may have tried to shoot the shutter failed to shoot, canvas prints one of the reasons is because the camera failed to focus, so they lock the shooting function, so that the camera can not shoot, then encounter this situation What is the solution? Take a look!

First, find light objects to auto focus
As long as the light will be able to successfully focus, although sometimes light objects (such as street lamps, the moon, etc.) will not just fall on the focus, then we can focus on the focus of the camera in the light-emitting objects, Pay attention to the lighting of the object needs to be the same as the original to focus distance, for example, originally wanted to focus on the top of the hill (infinity), but too dark and can not focus, then focus on the moon in the sky (light) , The result is the same as infinity, then they can successfully shot it!

Second, the use of external light sources to assist the auto-focus
Sometimes if you want to focus on the object is in the foreground, such as the night gazebo, but the olive: playful and ferocious also so the auto-focus failure, then we can keep autofocus, and then open the torch lit objects, After successful focus, then set the camera to manual focus. After completion, you can avoid focusing on the steps, concentrate on composition and set the aperture shutter can be. However, when using this method do not forget to pay attention to set the manual focus after the camera’s position do not move and avoid moving to the lens focus on the lens (if any), otherwise they have to re-focus.

Third, direct use of manual focus
The easiest way to achieve this is to use manual focusing, which is convenient for having an electronic viewfinder (EVF) or a camera that can be displayed in real time. Some can even zoom in to focus, To increase the chances of success.
Fourth, the use of the default focus
This method is especially useful when taking ‘infinity’ scenes, such as taking a picture of the sky. The principle is to do the second step mentioned in advance, but can be completed when the light is sufficient, the lens focus at infinity, and then marked on the lens ‘focus at infinity’ position D (can use stickers) To use can be directly transferred to the manual focus and focus ring transferred to the logo, very convenient

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