Shooting portraits skills

Shooting portraits skills

Shooting portraits skills

Shooting portraits, in other words shoot beauty, is a photographic subject will never wither. Excellent portrait photography, not because the model looks at how the lens and the photographer has eye contact, but mostly in the performance of mood has a unique shooting angle. The same shooting, can not be replaced in more models or angle models of clothing circumstances, how to make shooting more innovative, does not seem stereotyped it?

You can shoot some local close-up, as if from another angle in the appreciation of the beauty of girls. Sexy and yet beautiful, is more photographers hope to pursue the perspective of photography, and we can share a few people can take part of the portrait, both to show the charm of the United States, not appear vulgar, and offer a small number of shooting skill.

First, lips and jaw
Girls are aware, even if they are not used to make-up, but also with a lip color for their own lipstick, carry. Lips color can give the entire face color, is also the most easy to notice, in the process of communication with people highlight the site. The world has never been a lack of a good description of a woman’s lips: lips between the jade teeth, Ying Ying Ying Ying. Romantic love words lingering in the lips, the temptation of the infiltration of breath. Woman’s lips, sexy and charming.

Want to shoot a sexy lips, the note to make the mouth slightly when shooting, revealing vaguely in the red lips of the teeth. When necessary, you can add some props as a supplement, small pieces of fruit, delicate flowers, can bring out the lips attractive.

Shooting the lips, will be associated with shooting jaw, is able to show the best sense of the line parts, can show the contours of the face, and in the red lips against the backdrop, the shooting of the face is often more than the whole picture , Looking forward to the most beautiful girls look. In the shooting can be slightly raised his head, so that the mandibular lines and neck lines together, so that the overall look more fluid and natural, but also to avoid the embarrassment of double chin.

Eyes are the windows of the mind, eyes speak. Eyebrows nice girls must be easier than others to communicate with others, which is why more girls cut double eyelids, open their eyes to do these micro-cosmetic, most girls after graduation eyebrow is a required course. Shooting eyebrows of the local, you can make models with slightly makeup, the United States to wear pupil to take pictures, this will make the eyes more God. Of course, with the overall look of hair to have some echo, to keep in the same style.

Thin girls have obvious clavicle line, which is how many girls can have a dream. When wearing a collar collar clothes, wearing a necklace, the beautiful clavicle suddenly enhance the elegance of the whole person.

Shallow depth of the bone nest, clear straight lines, no wonder some people say that the most sexy woman is the clavicle. Shooting may wish to put some small flowers on the clavicle grass props for this clean sexy add a little tenderness.

Shoulder and back neck
The neck of the United States in peacetime is often overlooked, always be blocked by a hair is not easy to be noticed. Neck lines down the shoulder down to the back pleasing to the eye, whether it is to let the light spilled, or finger stroking as a guide, the neck and neck will give you the perfect line to show.

Slender white fingers can shape a different line shape, hand look good people will bring a more first impression. In the shooting may also wish to use your fingers with a variety of props, hand gestures show at the same time, explain the environment and want to show the charm. Shooting, just let your fingers flexible enough to bring sexy.

Said so many portraits can be switched when a small part, but still have to choose the one suitable for models. Professional models of the body are very slender, whether neck, collarbone or hand, can show a good sense of lines, and in our usual friends shooting, we must learn from each other, to avoid bloated, keep the lines of the United States

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