beautiful photographs taken skills

Seven baby beautiful photographs taken skills

Seven baby beautiful photographs taken skills
Not long ago, she asked me when chatting with a friend, the world has not liked BB? My answer is as follows : no! I love their shape, ruddy and crumpled little fingers and toes, curly hair, cheap canvas prints online and bright big eyes, smiles and giggles… These are all is also a member from god.
Although the baby is how sweet and lovely, split photo acrylic glass prints shooting them is one of the parents often encounter problems. Here are a few small secret recipes, hoping to inspire you for the baby taken a new idea:

The camera and lens
Digital SLR camera is the ideal tool for BB photographs. Through better quality performance and use zoom/wide Angle lens, the camera will need to be able to successfully capture the action of BB (especially in the faint light).
Generally speaking, the zoom lens is more convenient to view, but use of 50mm / 85mm prime lenses to shoot quality will be better. Large aperture of the prime lens (i.e., values such as F3.5, F/F, allows, etc.) to enable you to shoot in a dark environment, thus can use relatively low ISO brightness (feeling) in order to avoid the problem of noise.
Large aperture can also make you want to take the body of the more clear. At the same time can make the background blur to avoid attention. You can set the camera shutter speed to 1/250 of a second, to catch the baby fast action.

Turn off your flash
Pediatricians may have told you, bright flash is harmful to BB eyes of development. You don’t want to bring a baby during a photo of any negative impacts. Three months with the following primary BB, it is best to use natural light. Born more than 3 months of BB, occasionally in the use of direct flash (we called reflection flash, the flash light on the ceiling, flash) instead of directly on the face.
Directly using the flash will not only affect BB, will destroy what you create quiet and comfortable atmosphere. If you need a portrait in homogeneous soft light environment, you can try to put the BB on the window or a place to have a hazy light. If insufficient light also no needs to worry about the quality will be poor. A photo with a minor flaw is better than a photo can’t see the face of failure to better. You do not wish to miss the baby always beautiful smile or to capture the wonderful time!

Close to the
BB is cute, but they will be more attractive when you approach. Try to focus your camera close to them. Take great would be a good choice. Sometimes a part of the face or body can also shoot is very beautiful, such as eyes, nose, hair, pinky and little toe… They are changing every day. So let us seize the BB young all the small details of the body.

Bent over
Put down the camera to the same height as BB. Don’t by the height of you shoot them. When you reduce the height, you will enter the world of baby looked down on not just come from.

Use of props
, when you take a photo of BB wrapped in white or light blanket or soft towel will make the pictures more vivid. The use of props, such as the delightful toys or teddy bear, especially the big doll, is also a good choice. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish the size of the object in the picture, so you may need to use furniture or adult’s hand, to highlight the fresh of BB. Babies have really cute!

Let the baby incarnate angel of seven shoot tips

Seize the moment
In addition to sleep, cry, eat and poop, try to find a BB is the most stable and comfortable time. For example, BB can be happy to play with you for a while after a meal, then go to sleep. Keep your camera ready at all times. Put the camera on sitting room or bedroom, you and your BB coexist anywhere in the most time) will be a good idea, it would be more opportune. During this time, there must be many interesting images to capture.

Sweet get along with
More than 5 months the baby will gradually produce the response to the activities of others, so it’s the best time to take some photos of you and BB to get along with. In fact, you do boring things every day, often is the sweetest thing! In bath for instance take some photos, toys, dip meter or feeding. Nevertheless, remember to remove the distraction of items, such as diapers, bottles, and so on, in order to create a warm and clean background.

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