novice should know ten things

Photography novice should know ten things

Photography novice should know ten things

Last night with interesting conversation between friends, cheap canvas prints online brought me some inspiration, so I want to say that photography novices should be known than things.

Recognize their favorite shot matters, panoramic canvas prints and then select the appropriate tool
Like making ecology? Landscape? Like the shock effect of wide-angle? Or just want a camera to record life? Which is the weight of the camera you can afford? What size you use would be more liking?

▲ You need is a full-featured DSLR? Or such a small camera to facilitate it?

Although it is an old saying, rectangle metal prints but still more to say it again a little better. Depending on the shooting orientation, preferences, use different tools of photography, have different feelings. Because different tools for different environmental conditions and services, we will not speak of the lens (hereinafter, will dwell on), first is that the camera itself.

Want to take pictures of friends, today there are many different camera body can be selected, such that there can turn the screen DSLR, low angle to shoot some things that would help; or super macro function near a small camera, or Some suitable portable errorless interchangeable-lens camera, and so on. Size is different, the severity took part, also have different expertise, time of purchase, please according to their own need to find.

DSLR big station is not the only way out ah. (Refer to DSLR or compact camera? Article)

Good film? Getting better or digital?
Friends have puff waves in the discussion, he said he learned to shoot film camera a great help, because when the film will be very careful to deal with a photo, and then press the shutter. He did not say no, just a personal recommendation beginner friends, or a digital entry are better. Why?

Because the film is calculated roll of a roll, you shoot much, how much money even. First play, shoot bad how much money will not be allocated to you.
▲ Shoot a roll of positive, cost a fortune ah!

Then, prudent to let themselves become slowly, may shoot a roll of time becomes a month, two months or even longer. If the film is good, of course, you do not need to give it mattered; but if you took so long, that long-awaited roll photo, if you come out poorly, then this is a very discouraging thing.

This photograph is a happy thing, learning to take pictures just want to make a little better, to make the whole thing more enjoyable, I really do not believe so torture yourself. However, having learned later had some basic concepts, shoots the film will naturally be handy.
▲ If negative, then shot, without his own hand in the process, is a bit more, or if the sweep shot out of the effect is not good, in fact, be very frustrating.

Buy the camera is not going to send Technology
Do not forget to remember that. (Laughs) Whether you buy is top-D3 Ye Hao, or Bresson favorite Leica camera or, buy a camera is not going to send you technical. As drinking a refreshing drink is actually not really giving you Like wings. Lets you use a good camera, but without proper knowledge the fact there is not much meaning. (silent)

Remember that photography is a repair, it takes time to accumulate the

▲ Whether you buy is top-D3 Ye Hao, or Bresson favorite Leica camera or, buys a camera is not going to send your technology.

Photography basics that you must know
While many of the camera itself have a good automatic mode (P), but the aperture, shutter speed, exposure, composition and other basic knowledge of photography, you should want to know. This is your learning photography is important and not missing, what is a large aperture, a small aperture? How do we deal with the elementary composition? Exposure, the relationship between aperture and shutter? And so on, try to study photography at the beginning to understand clearly. Willing to learn about a friend is the first step taken photography or you are just a camera user would like to know a little more friends, see novice teaching.
▲ A friend once asked whether the image F11 with such ‘big’ aperture when shooting landscapes to shoot (laughs).

Learn composition is more important than bought Lens
Many of my friends are beginning to ask a question, ‘I shot (especially kit lens) is not really bad? ‘ ‘Always cannot make sense and effect I want! ‘. ‘What is a good shot Recommended it? ‘A picture is good or bad, not only is the lens problem, please do not push the issue in the lens body. In fact, the human factor is more decisive.

▲ Composition of a photograph, it is very important.

Before we introduced a mother beat her daughter photographer photo gallery, and she is IXUS shot. Never heard of it? It is the mirror of God does? In fact, it is a minor Canon camera fishes (laughs). Composition of the photo, it is one of the principal factors used as a measure of the quality of the photographs, rather than chasing different classes lens group in terms of money, it would be more than learning basic composition skills more affordable ah! Enough to be your exercise, then lifting hand tool, more icing on the cake.

It may well be asked: ‘fixed focus or zoom is good? ‘

My answer would be… zoom! Beginner, let yourself more choice is a good thing that ah! After all, fixed focus lens generally is more expensive, and other school for some time, familiar with their favorite focal lengths, then their preferences to match the fixed-focus lens, right!

To appreciate good works
Look at other people’s good works is crucial, however, there is a small proposal, also like him to go to the bookstore, photography exhibition around. Not being said that we must worship famous photographer, but they have success, there is always the highlight of the place. To appreciate, then ponder and imitate trial, or try to criticize, be cited, which find their favorite photographic style and love of photography, and then look for the direction you want. This is every loving photography friends a necessary stage ah! Photo Album Sometimes it is not cheap, but really nice to see.
▲ Hyères, France, 1932, Bresson’s work is awesome! You have the opportunity to see his photography collection to sell photographic collection should bookstore will have.

Do not attack a top
Many of my friends like to propose a top-attack beginner friends, that is all at once to purchase the best equipment, in fact, this is dangerous. Under what circumstances are not very clear, including equipment type, weight and function. All at once the best thing, or that the most important things are the most expensive buy, first, all of a sudden the costly; the second, after the shoot out does not quite understand the feeling that you will be discouraged.

If your pocket won matters, please forget the above that (laughs), but still return to the old school camera focuses on the subject, or camera.

Try to think clearly before they shoot Exercise
Even if we have a very advanced, continuous shooting function is very strong, or if you have unlimited Zhang card, allowing you to frantically beat Ye… but do not forget to pop into the Friends of the foregoing conversation? Yes, I want to say is this Please intention shot and seriously beat, whether using a digital or traditional camera. Develop a basic thought, after you press the shutter habits, learn to take pictures is very useful. Advantages digital shoot without money, but that does not mean blind school when you can press the shutter ah (laughs).

▲ This photo You can actually take a left and right to take a squat little take a step back and take a picture, and so on, but why do not want to know before they shoot it? Thinking through the shooting should not be better?

I hope you take the time to think, to decide what kind of picture in my mind, and then made into looking for such an opportunity, then press the shutter in reality, and then look a little bit quick review.

After the system is not a beast
Many of my friends have heard many people say, ‘This is straight out of a picture, ‘ or listen to someone speak dismissively said, ‘to see that this is made after it! No big deal ah! ‘ In fact, post-production in which photography is an essential process, after a lot of beautiful photographs have been made. Many people say that before and so did not photoshop the like, but in fact the film era has been made after the.
Photography novice should be known ten things

▲ Do not be scared of post-production, it’s just a photo sublimation, and will not make it into a man-eating beast (laughs).

After so please do not resist system, which is really just a way to add more photos possibilities it up! P.S. but of course not asking you to get hold of smallpox dragon it!

Please read the instructions
That is ten among nine people will not do (laughs), when buying a new camera before you start shooting back, please, fine, read, say, next book. We cannot know the operation of each camera because each camera is always a little bit different place, and we do not store the camera, the camera is not so much money to buy it (alas)! Unless someone has the same paragraph with your camera, otherwise only help get your instructions. Therefore, it is necessary in order to read the manual ah! Appear in the description, in fact, used… with your camera’s operating instructions and pay attention to where it should be.

Well, ten things was finally done.

If you are ready to buy your camera to learn photography, consider after reading it, and then decide to buy Which it! If you have bought a camera, you can also think about whether something in their hands that meet the needs? Welcome to Message Discussion ah! In the face book / Plurk / here can be. Also, really I want to thank the faithful puff waves previously discussed together with a younger brother!

Please remember to share this text to take pictures of friends wanted to learn to read it!

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