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Learn the standards of good works and take good photos

Learn the standards of good works and take good photos

What kind of photos to be considered good photos? I believe everyone has their own set of criteria. Speaking of literature and art is a thousand people in the eyes of a thousand Hamlet, cheap canvas prints put it is the turnip greens are the love of turnip greens. But the real good work is able to conquer all, the foreign picture site manager, Canon Project1709 experts, summed up the standards of excellent works, and summed up the method to improve the level of photography, hoping to help you photographers beat A more professional photo.

1. Concise
By observing a large number of outstanding works you will find that they ‘nothing’! In the charming scenery, there is no damage to the beauty of garbage or messy branches, in the portrait photography does not appear in the distracting props or distracting background.
A good photo should be to remove all the extra elements, the audience’s attention to attract the main! So when shooting to ensure that each element of the photo are a good highlight of the main body, those who will distract attention, dispensable elements removed, if it is human can not be removed in the latter part should be removed, Ensure that the screen clean.

2. Details
A small detail can make the whole picture of earth-shaking changes. Advertising photography, models wearing a little skew of the necklace may encounter customer rejection situation. The usual shooting, the model is also skewed jewelry minutes will force a crazy obsessive-compulsive disorder patients.
So to develop the press before the shutter for all the details of the rapid scanning habits. Large to whether the background is clean, all the items are in the right position, small model clothing whether there are wrinkles, makeup is clean. In the still life photography will have to pay attention to whether the flowers wither and so on.

3. Light
The importance of light in photography does not need to be repeated. At noon the sun is in the top of the position, strong light is easy to leave short and dense shadow. The most favored by landscape photographers in the early morning and evening, because of its low angle and soft light to nature put on a warm coat, in this light shooting is very appropriate.
The best way to get the light only two, or wait, or create! Often photographers spend a whole day or even a long time waiting for a bunch of light. The creation of light requires you to be proficient in the use of flash, reflectors, diffusers and other accessories.

4. Timing
Bresson’s theory of ‘momentary aesthetics’ is the time we want to speak, in a very short moment of a fraction of a second, the decisive significance of things to be summarized, and with a strong visual composition is expressed cloth layout Song advocated by the ‘moment of aesthetics.’
Deciding at which moment to press the shutter is every photographer’s ‘exclusive skills.’ Because sometimes only a difference of one-tenth of the difference between seconds, shoot the photos are very different. So in the shooting, to learn to pay attention to light and the surrounding environment changes, predict the next possible scenario, in the most critical moment press the shutter, leaving the historical moment.

5. The horizon
When you focus on the main body, it is easy to forget the main body behind the horizon. Sometimes, the skewed horizon will enhance the sense of the screen. But in general, the horizon should be kept level, especially when there is a horizontal line. You can turn the camera’s electronic level, to adjust the body in a horizontal position. You can also adjust the camera to the horizontal position by observing the bubble by installing the hot shoe level.
6. Remove dust
This is every photographer will encounter problems, the sensor will be a long time into the dust, when the accumulation of dust to a certain extent will be reflected in the photo. So if the time allowed to complete the shooting after the enlargement of the photo, from top to bottom, from left to right to carefully check the photos. If more than one photo appears in the same place black spots, then you need to clean up the sensor.

7. Fine-tuning
Photos outside the camera are usually better than the photos in the camera, this is largely from the late adjustment. May only be subtle contrast, brightness, white balance adjustment, you can make photos look fresh. The sharpening and clarity of the adjustment can show more details of the photo, but pay attention to the late do not over-all to nature-based.

8. Outside the box
If the edge of the image has more white areas, then in the white background is easy to be confused. So to the photo with a small outer frame to make pictures more clear and more complete. In Photoshop simply call up the Stroke Panel in Edit> Stroke and select the line color and size.

9. Select
You want to show everyone the photos, be sure to choose the best of all your photos. You need to take the time to pick a photo. If you get multiple photos in burst mode, choose only the best, most decisive one!
You know, even if you only show 8 works, but as long as they are excellent, far better than you show 20 photos, but the quality is uneven.

10. Soft proofing
If you want to print out photos, then you have to take into account the computer monitor color gamut and the printing process differences. Photoshop and Lightroom soft proofing can be used to predict the color and content of the image at the time of printing using the image effects displayed on the display. Interested friends who can install the configuration file to try after some.

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