better photographs of children

How to take better photographs of children

How to take better photographs of children
Shooting children are a pleasing thing, if their children are shot, you will feel more real. the family album is to capture the mood and personality of the child is more important than technical ability and skills reflect the application. Anyway, good photography, canvas prints online australia shooting skills and the right combination of timing, you can get precious family photos of children.

(A) natural private studio

To take a picture of natural children, the first rule is to allow them stay in the comfort of their own environment. While most children in their own home are very comfortable, photo on canvas prints but at home shooting, low lighting and cluttered background will challenge you. Park is usually the best choice, they can license to frolic in there – as you shoot children naturally provides a nice photo opportunity. Mysteries that will get great pictures of the terrain and objects in the garden scene as a prop to use, easy to shoot a child. Let the children standing middle of the lawn, smile for the camera is too rigid, and to be involved in all likelihood will not be successful.

Jenny found that day the children prefer to run around, if you want some of their focus to catch their eyes, rectangle acrylic glass prints not holding the camera in the garden and chase them everywhere. You and they can do some trivial game, then shoot. To take a more outspoken photos, you can have them interact with other things, such as to find insects, touching pets or shuttle in the woods.
How to take better photographs of children

Jenny in her backyard to shoot his children

Jenny house painted bright yellow paint door is a useful prop, allowing Christopher standing behind the door in front of the camera to shoot. Although knowing that he can do it, we asked if he could put his head on the door of the room through the railing. He immediately gave a performance, and we took a picture.
In this Christopher motion picture, hole in the wall rock and dwarf branches constitute the magnificent natural scenes. Find a comfortable shooting position, crouch down. Christopher let us climb the wall five times, we will focus on in his head, and then the camera will switch to manual focus mode to shoot. After the film was completed, we choose the best one in all the photos.

Another good way to capture excellent photographs of children is playing games. Christopher let us hide behind walls and we play ‘hide and seek’ to find out if he could climb out of the wall in our unexpected places. Obviously, we do not even know where he will outcrop, for us, this is a fun game.

(B) using a telephoto lens photography of children Cheats

Christopher, Jessica and Robyn are typical representatives of their peers. They will not sit quietly for a minute. In order to prevent the timing from a body of a child away, Jenny sat away from children, using her 70-300mm lens focusing on different children.

How to take better photographs of children

Obviously, the use of longer focal length when the shutter speed is not high increases caused by camera shake blur. Using shutter priority mode, so that the shutter speed is more important than the reciprocal of the focal length is very important. When using the 200mm focal length, Jenny chose 1/250 second shutter speed. Zoom to 300mm, she will shutter speed to 1/350 sec. When the focal length becomes 70mm, she will need to ensure that the camera’s shutter speed is not less than 1/100 sec.

You are required to drop even lower?
How to take better photographs of children how to take better photographs of children

To kneel it? Yes, not only to kneel down, walking just learned for the child. You do not even want to get on the ground. This enables the photo looks more cordial. Of course, sometimes you can also shoot from a higher point of view, get a new perspective. Generally, if you can take more of the face, resulting photos tend to make you pleasantly surprised.

You should use of flash?
How to take better photographs of children how to take better photographs of children

If you have a flash (Most SLR cameras have a built-in flash), you can utilize them. In our photographs, which illuminates the shadows Robyn’s face, and let her eyes appeared a stunning highlights. If the continuous shooting, the flash frequency may not keep the shutter speed. Do not have with it, then shoot better. Whether you use the built-in flash or the external flash, they are set to TTL mode, and then just shot on the line.

Without using the flash, only photos will become dark and dull. Look no eyes look.

Why be closer?
How to take better photographs of children how to take better photographs of children

With the lens closer to the characters, not only can show the kids a wonderful facial expressions, but also blur the background. So shooting can keep you away from home, so that children indulge in their personal world, so forget you are shooting them.

Camera Settings

In order to obtain the greatest chance of success, according to our proposal to set your SLR camera. The technology side, to fully enjoy the fun of shooting a child, to create the best photos.

Sensitivity: At solidification moment, it is set too high a number. ISO 400 should be the best choice (provided that your camera in this sensitivity setting, the imaging delicate enough).
White balance: daylight settings, allowing photographs LCD display has a consistent color.
File format: RAW is the best choice, but you can trust the high quality JPEG format.
Exposure mode: If you use a telephoto lens, shutter priority mode is the first choice.
Metering: To allow accurate exposure faces, you can use the center-weighted metering mode.
Focus: For still images utilizing a single AF, continuous AF using the Dynamic Photo.
Drive mode: Continuous use to capture fleeting moments.
(C) capture dynamic

Jenny’s house with great views of the west coast of Ireland is just minutes away, so soon after the kids went to the beach to play up. When they concentrate on their own thing, we took some amazing and vivid photos.

To take a series of dynamic pictures, the camera will switch to continuous AF mode. This makes the lens during shooting can continue to grow about 4 frames per second continuous shooting. The most important thing is to solidification children’s action, for which we use a shutter priority mode, and focus on the children, no matter how far they are not present from the camera. We also ensure that the camera is in the state of high-speed continuous shooting, to enter the shutter speed to 1/500 second, all this screen will become stationary.
How to take better photographs of children

Jenny shooting west coast of Ireland

1. Ready

After setting up the camera, the next thing to do is to develop for the action happened. Your finger lightly on the shutter button, always glued to the viewfinder, waiting for the best time to come here.

2. Clear image

Let the focus is always aligned with the children is very important. Where you most want to keep clear of the place. At this time continuous AF mode can fully play its role. It can ensure the movement of the main subject sharp imaging.

3. Predictability

As the action, what happens next? The current act is likely to abort, may continue to evolve. If you press the shutter when the opportunity arises, you might miss the opportunity of the development of the action prescient.

4. The climax of the action

The first four photos are the best thing. Although Christopher’s eyes closed. But his running posture is so exciting. Jessica jumped off the sea surface, is grim laughter. When we try to let them shoot at the center of the screen.

5. Too close

Continuous AF start now struggling up the image becomes definite enough. The child’s arm and ran out of the viewfinder. The composition becomes very messy, so that photos severely damaged. At this time, a good time to have missed it.

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