putting photos on canvas

Conquest putting photos on canvas

Conquest putting photos on canvas

He and I are bonded through online dating on. At that time, my first marriage was ‘on the rocks’, canvas photo prints is to resolve the pain I started to chat, and he does, a person eat the whole family to worry about, he do financial work, daily bored, are wandering the Internet. In this way, we met, my first marriage accelerated photo prints on canvas rupture, also accelerated the bonding strength of our feelings.
He was tall and handsome and mighty, 1.8 meters tall, two years younger than me. Know me before, canvas prints online australia they talked about three girlfriends, all he and the other ‘worship’ the simple reason that he is no longer a fellow traveler with others. My husband is an early ‘returnees’, major is finance, after returning from what has not found the opportunity to riches, coupled with the usual lavish a little, when we married lovers, his account was only 20,000 yuan.
I do, purely social battles school, some college, square canvas prints in the early 1990s, had a moment to realize what is in Shenzhen China’s reform and opening up frontier, and Amoy to the pot of gold in life: 5 million. The mid-1990s returned to Beijing, into a private enterprise. I am also a licensed finance, became a cashier. After a day kept the number of tickets for others while they stand to gain nothing in pain for three months, resolutely abandoned office canvas print sizes and environmental advantages, worked as sales and marketing staff. Six months later, the end of checkout, I Amoy to the second pot of money in life: 7 million.
When my first marriage ended, the house, all the furniture, appliances and car all to her ex-husband, and gave him leave 7 million 3 piece canvas prints stocks and 15 million deposits. I hope that love can always be fresh.
The second time I entered the ‘Besieged City’, and it has been three years of time. Marry poor man, I did not press strongly recommend a bunch of old friends, to do pre-marital property justice. In fact, her husband is also very atmospheric, and he told me: I was carrying a bag, and you walk into a house, if one day you are sick of me, I would still be carrying this bag out of the house. I’m not interested in your property, I love your canvas art gallery character of life and your optimism, your wisdom and courage to grasp the overall situation, all of this is my love for you. Oh, I was so he ‘conquered’, and willing to marry the unfortunate man.
Although, the man of my income monthly wages that were not odd, but he depends on the money, such as dirt, from the marriage, he will pay a card to put my arms on the relief. Then, at home, I have the last say basic financial management.
The basic principle of our panoramic art canvas finance is: Never borrow money to invest, not to borrow money to invest.
After marriage, we have a one-time payment in the capital bought a set of three-ring edge of the two-bedroom, after simple decoration rental, and can add a point fixed assets, waiting for appreciation, but also save on pension point ‘of seed. ‘
I’m going home, ‘egg’ into a few baskets, will continue to buy dollars Bank of China, ICBC and other banks in the foreign exchange financing products, and there are benefits; bought dozens of ten thousand yuan currency funds, higher than bank interest and there is no tax on interest; buy hundreds of thousands of long-term funds, long-term investment. Meanwhile, the two couples were to buy a pension, medical and hospitalization insurance, pay premiums every year more than 20,000 yuan; bought a few million treasuries; another spent more than ten million yuan to buy company stock; I have saved thousands of dollars printed canvas wall art demand deposits.
My father died two years ago, we have now been together with my mother, the monthly cost of living remained at 5,000 yuan, almost to finish her husband’s money, and it is just my income to finance. My husband never home health care assets, only occasionally ask: ‘? We two have much money enough to spend it. ‘ In my opinion, a woman does not necessarily reflect looking for rich men are happy, have the ability to photo on canvas cheap words, your personal success more fulfilling. When you’re very successful, indicating that you are not the glossy surface of the vase, but there is meaning, knowledge, broaden their horizons, such a woman leaving men loves.
In fact, her husband, regardless of the fact that not earn much money, but his broad interests, loves the mountains and rivers, love climbing, familiar with the history, love to visit Guji, China 5000 years of talking. I am most happy thing is to listen to his stories, about history, about the animal world, about the beautiful nature, there are no business pictures printed on canvas intrigues, no cruel business ups and downs, I am very relaxed.
Every time I travel. The most hope is to return to a happy home, whenever war of words with someone on the outside, especially miss the story of the pure world. We do not have children, as to whether or not, are still hesitant. Two of the world is very warm

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