characters in lines look more nature

Let the characters in lines look more nature

Let the characters in lines look more nature
Smile is one of the most attractive expressions in human facial expressions, cheap canvas prints online as a photographer, but also loves the smile on people face, because a smile can make the photos warmer, and it can establish the connection with a person’s heart. A sincere smile can let a person feel friendly, happy, have an idea of mind.
But on the other hand, as can pretend to smile. When people nervous or just to politely, metal prints will show a very embarrassed smile, the smile not only photos not brings good effect, it will make a photo is not natural. So, how to make people laugh more relaxed when face the camera? I make the following Suggestions.

How the difference between true and false?
A sincere smile: her smile is not sincere. Basically see the eyes. Really smiling eyes are relaxed, the mouth can be slightly higher or casually open from nice radian.
Pretend to smile: panorama acrylic prints at this time the performance of the eyes is very stiff. The mouth is deliberately to reanimate, forming a typical skin is better than meat.
Contemptuous smile: such expressions are often be mistaken for a smile. But it is one of the most obvious differences and smile, the smile corners of the mouth are only one left.

Second, say “cheese” is also a good idea
As a portrait photographer, your work is not only a decent photo so simple, you should be more like a director, to guide the subject, let them relax and release their own feelings, let them appear more natural and comfortable under the lens. And say “cheese” has become a way of many photographers to guide people laugh, and this method can make a person very easily laugh, but it is modeled.

Third, take it easy, think some good things or people
Feel this kind of thing is to pretend not to come out, help them and the real happiness, and make them laugh to your heart’s content, is undoubtedly the best approach. Let them be taken when the relaxed, casual to do something you want to do, to think about some nice things or people, to reveal the true happiness from it.

Four, tell them a funny story
If they can’t think of anything that can go for happy, that can only use the photographer intelligence. Tell them a funny story or joke, not only can make them laugh really. Still can make the atmosphere of whole shooting easier. Nevertheless, the premise is you must be funny, or the situation will only become more awkward.

Five, the smile on the differences between men and women
A smile is recognized as a sign of happiness and security, but there are also some different for men and women:
Smile 1, for women, give a person a kind of warm harmonious feeling, in many cases, but smile to a man is more like a submissive.
2 smiles are generally less than women and men.
3, smiles of women are very charming to people, while men serious photos will be more people like it.

Six, according to the purpose of the pictures to decide how much to smile
To your client before shooting, but also know he will take the photo for what purposes? If it is on the dating site, you can show me some cool, can also be a bit more smile. Nonetheless, if it is used for work, it showed a serious manner as much as possible.

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